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    3 Easy-Peasy Social Media Tips for Lazy People

    Posted by Sunday Avery

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    Maybe you wouldn’t describe yourself as “lazy,” but you have to confess that social media monitoring can be a chore. A bag of potato chips and a couch nap just sound better most days. And sometimes it just feels like the acrobatic equivalent of a mambo/split combination to think up responses to a lot of Tweets and posts out there. I understand. I feel the pain radiating from your swivel chair.

    There are a few sneaky tips that I use for monitoring many social media pages, which can be easily done, no matter whether you are using social media for marketing (which you should) or a Tom Hiddleston fan page. Which I completely understand, because Tom Hiddleston is a dreamboat.

    1. Tracking Them Tweets On Twitter

    Most businesses are following approximately 3 billion random accounts, I feel. And making meaningful interactions can be difficult when your feed is blowing up with advertisements from spam accounts for probiotic yogurts and “free” gift cards. The secret to this game is knowing that somewhere out there, there is a social media manager like yourself also trying to make a connection. Someone who is posting heartfelt questions about doughnut preferences and favorite colors. So how do you find them?

    • Scan for Tweets without links. These are easy to spot because links are generally a different color from the actual text. These are posts you can’t merely schedule, mi amigo. They are strong places to make some interactive connections, because they aren’t just spammy links. Find something to talk about and make the first move with an “@”

    • ReTweet even if it’s a little crazy. People love those RTs! If you see something fun, even if it’s not brand relevant, ReTweet it to your followers. People take notice when they are ReTweeted, and will often check your page out after. Perhaps for a marvelous follow?

    2. Friendly Fun on Facebook

    There is considerably less activity on Facebook to monitor, unless you’re running a major corporate account. But for most businesses and pages, monitoring comments and posts should be easy. Maybe too easy? Perhaps you want to drum up some interactions on the page, in fact. So here are some lazy person tips on doing that.

    • Make it easy to “like.” Most people don’t treat Facebook like an AP English course. They just want to look at pictures of their nieces and ex-boyfriends getting married, for the most part. If they’re following you as a company, it must be because they actually do “like” you. So be a fun part of their newsfeed by sharing interesting things that are fun to interact with without much effort. For example, you could post a status saying “Press ‘Like’ if you are a fan of adorable kittens!”

    • Be more personal here than on other sites. Facebook is a place for friends and families, and company pages often fit a little less easily between all of that. To garner a little more interaction, be sure to post more personal things about your company. Pictures of your messy office, maybe a birthday party that happened, etc. Because no one wants to be friends with or “like” a creepy robot, unless that it is a cheerful robot maid named Rosie.

    3. Pleasing the Peoples on Pinterest

    Pinterest can be great for your business; it’s like a much more “kawaii” (or “cute” in Japanese) bookmarking site with a lot of devoted users. But how to garner attention to your brand and business? And how do you use it to monitor activity during the day without trying very hard?

    • Like stuff using keywords. Pinterest’s search function is actually awesome. You can just look up something like “delicious pizza” and be lost in a world of delight. The cheating way to use this for business is to search something relevant, then “like” as many posts as humanly possible, saving your reposting for content that makes you go “WOW” all dramatically.

    • Make boards that people actually want to follow. This might not sound like a “lazy” person tip, but the trick to Pinterest is to be really specific with the boards you create so that users will be like, “Huh, this is useful stuff.” So when you are browsing through Pinterest using keywords, you can repost as many specific items as needed in aforementioned boards.

    Even if you are consuming a steady diet of minicandies and you barely get up to use the potty, being active on social media doesn’t require much effort if you are tossing out “Likes” and ReTweets like Santa tosses out presents. People will think you are just as jolly and generous, so long as you are having fun with it.

    Go forth, lazy friends!

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