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    Are Facebook Likes the Future of SEO?

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: Social and SEO Together? 

    Projects are launched and time is spent on various things in business, but it’s important to pull it all together. You could be in the middle of one project and not realise that it could be benefiting another project you are doing. What am I talking about? In this case it’s social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.) and SEO (search engine optimization).

    When you start with social media, your goal is generally to expand your networks and try to generate business. What is often forgotten is that this can also benefit your website in the search engines. In many organizations, the SEO project and the social media campaign are driven by two different people, possibly a content writer for the social and a more technical person for the SEO. Sometimes SEO and social media may be driven by the same person. Either way, what’s important is that you look at ensuring you benefit from them both.


    Just to make sure you are still with me – SEO is all about getting more people to come to your website from the search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the most popular three). Here's what to do:

    How to Make Your Social Platforms Help Your SEO

    1. Utilise the Titles in Your Social Environment

    When you look at the web address for your Twitter page, for example, what does it say? If you get your main keyword in there, then there is a chance you can rank for it. I have seen people take over page one in Google by utilising their websites and social platforms to all rank for the keyword, knocking all the competition onto page two. Decide what your priority keyword is and make it your social media web address if possible. (Note: Make sure this does not have a negative impact on your marketing efforts. Brand awareness may be more important than SEO in this instance.)

    2. Pass the Juice

    Once your social media platform has a good following and lots of activity, it then has authority (juice). Meaning that it is seen as important and credible. If you pass this to your website, it then makes your website more credible, and this helps with the rankings. All you need to do is post some nice meaningful links in posts to relevant pages on your website. Remember: Keep it high in quality. Your followers don’t just want to see random links.

    3. Keep Up the Quality

    Make sure the social media platforms have the profiles filled in, and make sure they are relevant and on topic. Your posts should match the audience you are aiming at. Make sure your posts tie into your website and that everything is of the highest quality. No spam, no junk.


    How to Make Your SEO Help Your Social Media

    1. When building links, you can often get a chance to put a link to your blog or social media account at the same time. Take advantage of this and make sure you always enter it. Profiles on websites are great places to add these links.

    2. Make sure you mention your social media on your website—tell people you have these accounts. You will also pass some juice from your website to your social media platforms.


    To Conclude This Mash-Up...


    The main thing in all this is to keep your efforts going and ensure your projects are working together to gain maximum effect. None of this will happen overnight or with minimum effort. You have to work at it and try not to get disheartened when it takes a little longer than you would like. It’s also important to think about reporting, as this will help you see progress in black and white. This also helps with motivation at the month’s end, when you wonder what you have achieved that month.

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    Guest Author Bio: This article is written by Jonathan Harrison of Infaweb, of Kelso, Scotland. Harrison is a Search Engine Optimisation specialist and managing director with years of experience in helping people improve their online presence. When he's not creating great marketing content, he enjoys spending time with family and geo-caching. 



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