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    Infographic: 5 Reasons Your Customers Hate You

    Posted by Robert Coles

    Don’t Hate, Appreciate

    That’s right, we said it. Your customers hate you if you are currently fitting into one of these categories we’re about to outline, and it’s time to to make a change. Chances are your company is doing just fine, and things are going well, but still there are those companies out there that people not only hate, but they love to hate, and nothing is better than loving to hate.

    How can you improve your company’s image? How can you build a better brand? What does the future look like for your hated company? Well, that depends on you, and the lessons you learn from those who currently aren’t doing it right.

    #1 – Your Product Is Useless

    Back in 2008 when the app store was just coming out, and the iPhone was just turning 1 year old (the original model that didn’t even take video) coder Armin Heinrich released the “I Am Rich” app. Yes, it’s a real thing, and it was not received well. Turns out 8 people actually bought the app that sold for $999.99. When they downloaded it, they were shocked that the app simply shows the picture of a red jewel. That’s all it does. The app was removed after just 24 hours, and the developer raked in a hefty profit of just over $5,600 and made Apple around $2,400. Poor people… Let’s all take a moment of silence to grieve their gullibility.

    your customers hate you

    #2 – Your Marketing Campaign Is Ridiculous

    Now, we have nothing but respect for the hard working men and women of the United States Postal Service, but their marketing department needs to rethink their strategy and figure out a better way to “sell mail” to the technology world. Their 2011 ad campaign stated that mail has never been hacked, yet maybe they didn’t do their research that states over 1 million people have their identity stolen every year through mail fraud. USPS marketing department, get it together. We’re not the only people that are bothered by their ad campaign that was wildly unsuccessful, Forbes wrote a very interesting article a year after the campaign was launched. Check it out here.

    #3 – You Hide Behind Your Social Media Network

    These days everyone has a social media presence, whether positive or negative, whether you know it or not, but a real problem comes to companies that are simply hiding behind their social media presence to drive traffic rather than engaging with people or developing a strategy more complex than, “This post goes out Tuesday at 10:00am.” If you’re falling in that category, it’s important that you turn things around immediately. AYTM released the infographic below that essentially proves that people are watching your brand. 42% of Facebook users have mentioned a brand in their status update, and 39% of Twitter users have tweeted about a brand. If you aren’t tweeting or posting on Facebook about your brand, you’re cowering from customer interaction.

    how people interact with brands

























































































































    #4 – You Established a Negative Public Perception

    It’s not going to be any surprise to you what two industries are brought up during this section: fast food and tobacco. Health professionals will tell you they go hand in hand, and fast food and tobacco companies are working tirelessly to fight negative public perception. Fast food is facing an easy battle since their numbers aren’t declining at all despite reports of plastic in McDonalds Chicken McNuggests, however tobacco companies are losing a war with new government regulations that make it difficult to advertise, plus there’s no avoiding facts that state smoking is directly linked to 5 million deaths per year. Does your company have a negative public perception? If so, we wish you the best of luck turning that around. It can be very difficult.

    #5 – You’re Wrapped In Scandal

    If you’ve even turned on the television or your computer within the last week and a half, you’ve probably noticed the story of the Carnival Triumph, a cruise that literally stinks. What’s worse, however, is how Carnival decided to handle their treatment of cruise passengers, first only offering a refund for their trip and a credit for a future cruise (like they’re going to get on another boat…) yet their CEO was seen at a Miami Heat game while passengers were forced to eat onion sandwiches as food supplies dwindled. Sure, they were eventually offered $500, but most are calling it “adding insult to injury” and that they company that profited $15.8 billion dollars last year isn’t handling things properly.

    Oh, and it’s important that we mention here that these reasons are likely also the reasons your employees don’t like your company. After all, who wants to go to a party and say they worked for Enron or Lehman Brothers? They might gain the sympathy vote, but after surviving the torture of working at a hated company with an untrusted brand, who wants to admit it?

    Can you think of other reasons people might hate a company? We’re sure there are millions of them!

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