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    Arms Races, Spam Fighting, Cheap Video and Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    Does anyone really like February? Certainly not an old-school content creator, the late Russian poet Boris Pasternak, who wrote a pretty dark poem of hate about the month almost a century ago. Translated, it goes something like this:

    February. Get ink. Weep.

    Write the heart out about it. Sing

    Another song of February

    While raucous slush burns black with spring.

    Fortunately, March is just a few days away, and you’re now armed with the knowledge that this crummy, grey month is perfect for content creation. In the spirit of this literary great, we’ve decided to dedicate this entire home run to business bloggers and eBook authors, and amazing web articles on how they can hone their craft:

    Video: How to Win a Content Arms Race

    Okay, you caught us. This amazing video on content marketing is more than a week old. However, it’s definitely worth watching and rewatching. Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz lays out some ways that you can be more creative than your competitors and produce some fascinating things that are better than boring old blog articles day in and day out. Like web comics, graphs and interactive tools. And how if you haven’t started to build a community, you might regret that fact a whole bunch in the near future. Because as every unknown writer is aware, it takes an audience to make a bestseller. Video transcript found here.

    How to Identify Content Topics That Hit Home With Your Readers

    It’s a hard day in the life of a content marketer when you realize that the perfect blog article that you spent hours slaving over just wasn’t read or socially shared. Marketing is about creating things that resonate with your audience, even if you’d rather write about something entirely different. Meghan Keaney Anderson of HubSpot recently delivered a pretty stellar overview of how content creators can hit a home run among their audience each and every time. From keyword research to more obscure suggestions, like stalking internet forums, learn how to create content that’s not just quality, but also really compelling. Ideas located here.

    Make Content Marketing Work: 3 Tips to Activate Your Top Influencers

    Nearly every artist didn’t reach a position of fame due to pure talent. Chances are, someone along the way recognized their potential and offered encouragement and connections. Fans with digital influence are a bit like the well-connected literary agents of the internet marketing world, and your blog views will soar if you figure out how to motivate and activate their sharing impulses. Ben Straley offers some awesome insight into how you can gain more exposure than ever before. Full scoop here.

    Content Marketing and Video Showcase Expertise and Drive Tons of Business

    Who doesn’t love an awesome and inspiring success story? If your organization needed any more motivation to start creating and distributing custom video content, go to David Meerman Scott’s blog, now! Discover how one of his fans gained a serious online following with nothing more than a really cheap video camera and a healthy dose of passion about her subject matter. We’re pretty sure you can create awesome videos, too. Dive in here.

    How to Manage Spam Comments on Your Business Blog

    When your content marketing and social distribution rock, you gain an online following. With advocates and readers come some old-fashioned SEOs who want nothing more than a few no-follow links to their website. One of my favorite HubSpot Partner Agency bloggers, Daniel Vaczi of Adhere Creative, did a great job of delving deep into how bloggers should recognize, treat and deal with spammy comments on their content. Because seriously, your real readers don’t want to sift through advertisements for knock-off designer purses on your pages any more than you do. Stop Spam Here.

    Did you publish or discover any outstanding content on inbound marketing strategy this week? Share in the comments, and we might put you in the spotlight in next week’s post!

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