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    Uncool Brands, Edgerank, Vonnegut and Content of the Week

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Home Runs of the Week 

    Inbound marketing keeps you on your toes. We’ve experienced many times at IMA the importance of staying nimble and being able to pivot your content marketing or social strategy with little notice. Most of our home runs this week are designed to surprise and inspire: a major study that indicates social media could be killing brands, a marketer who loves Edgerank, and blogging lessons from late author Kurt Vonnegut. If you think this introduction is weird, it’s about to get even weirder up in here:

    Is Social Media Killing Brands?

    Well, that’s a depressing question. According to a recent major study by Researchers at Northwestern University, it just might be. The data indicated that heavy users of Facebook had less brand loyalty. However, Dr. Angela Hausman, marketing professor at Howard University, is downright skeptical and she highlights why. Learn why the research isn’t actually indicative of any cultural trends, as well as why content creators should always dig a little deeper before accepting data as law. Analysis found here.

    5 Signs Your Brand is Becoming Uncool

    Is your brand so cool it’s got it’s own fan posse, or do your fans avoid engaging on Facebook because they’re embarrassed to be seen publicly with you? We’re definitely not saying you need to become the equivalent of your High School’s football quarterback. In fact, as author and LA Foodie Owner Drew Hubbard points out, cool comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors these days. Your version of cool might be a little closer to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory than Tiffany & Co, but that’s fine. You’ve just got to know who you are, and sell an image. Increase your cool here.

    A Marketer’s Defense of Facebook’s Edgerank

    I never thought I’d see the day where a marketer spoke out in favor of Facebook’s tricky algorithm that decides on your behalf whether or not your fans get to see your content. However, it can reward good brands and ensure your fans aren’t so slogged down with your competitors’ sloppy social media marketing efforts that they’re ready to “unlike” your page. Twitter may seem like a shouting match, but Edgerank can ensure your fans are receptive to what you have to say. Mike Maghsoudi of Get Post Rocket’s post is nothing if not convincing. Full defense here.

    Content Writing & Blogging With Kurt Vonnegut

    I sort of wish Vonnegut was still alive and working on the writing team here at IMA. Actually, I really do, and it turns out his advice for writers is incredibly relevant in the digital age. He advised authors to carefully avoid wasting others’ time, avoid suspense and kill sentences that just don’t add much to the narrative. If you’ve ever found yourself typing towards a word count without a clear vision of what you’re saying, just think of Vonnegut. Content marketer and fellow Nashvillian Ben Richardson hit a real home run this week for his creativity in analysis of this famous author’s advice. Full edition here.

    What’s the formula for the perfect infographic?

    Infographics are the perfect addition to your content marketing menu. They’re designed for social sharing, eye-catching, and perfect for Pinterest. However, they can be challenging to design well, and just showing up to bat in the world of infographics is no guarantee that you’ll go viral. Shama Kabani of The Marketing Zen Group addresses a reader’s question thoughtfully, and provides plenty of examples on how you can ensure your infographics are viral-ready. Her thoughts here.

    Did you publish or discover any outstanding content on inbound marketing strategy this week? Share your links, and we might feature you in next week’s post!

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