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    The 4 Most Costly Landing Page Mistakes: Using Reviews Incorrectly

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: Mistake #2

    By now most visitors have been almost “desensitized” to testimonials. Visitors know that on-page testimonials can be made up or “inflated” so they tend to put more emphasis in Ratings and Reviews.  Below are a few stats to help illustrate this point.

    1. 63% of users indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has ratings and reviews (source).

    2. People who read a review were 30% more likely to purchase a product and visitors who wrote a review were 80% more likely to convert (source).

    3. Shoppers who browsed “Top Rated Products”, which features products rated most highly by customers, had a 59% higher conversion rate than the site average and spent 16% more per order than other browsers of products (source).

    What to do to correct mistake #2

    Don’t use, (and definitely do not “make up”) testimonials.  INSTEAD:

    1. Use actual customer reviews about the product or service on your landing page

    2. Embed Tweets about the product or service on your landing page

    3. Embed Facebook comments about the product or service on your landing page

    4. Most importantly use those little stars that everyone has come to expect (and google is now delivering on the SERP’s)

    Remember I said we’d come back to this from Mistake #1? Well in Mistake #3 I am going to show you some actual examples on HOW to do this - so keep going.

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    This guest post is part of a 4-part series. Join us 02/15 and 02/16 for the remaining two worst landing page mistakes!

    landing page mistakesGuest Author Bio: Dustin Sparks is a Landing Page and  A/B Conversion Optimization Expert. Over the past 15 years, Dustin has helped a number of major US and international brands develop successful web-based initiatives. Companies like Carbonite, Cabelas, Golfsmith, Freescale, AppliedMicro, SkyGeek, GreekGear.com, The Gallup Organization, Toyota, Mastercard, Blockbuster Video, and many others have benefitted from Dustin's deep understanding and innovative perspective. More of his insights on conversions can be found over at The Optimal eCommerce Blog!


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