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    The 4 Most Costly Landing Page Mistakes: Talking to Visitors the Same

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest Post: Mistake #1

    When you start creating your landing pages, it’s only natural to make mistakes.  And yes, it is cliche to say - but you WILL learn from them.  However with this post I want to save you from making 4 of the most costly mistakes we see landing pages make.  

    The mistakes you can make when it comes to creating the best landing page for your product or service are too many to list. Some are relevant to Lead Generation Landing Pages, some to eCommerce, some mistakes we see are relevant to Information Portals, and so on. I had to narrow this post down to just 4 mistakes because I could write a 200 page book on just Ecommerce conversion tactics (actually it's 193 pages), but I want everyone who reads this to take away 4 things they can do to optimize their landing pages to increase conversions.

    The 4 mistakes below (and how to remedy them) apply to BOTH Lead Generation Landing Pages and Ecommerce Landing Pages.

    Let’s get going...

    Mistake #1 - Talking to Every Visitor the Same

    Different visitors respond to different tactics based on different things.  That’s not a secret, but if your Landing Page messaging is talking to only ONE type of visitor - you are missing a solid opportunity to convert the OTHER types of visitors.

    Things that affect the “type of visitor” are things like:

    1. How many times they have seen your landing page.

    2. What (if anything) they have done on your site or landing page before.

    3. What they already know about you, or your company, and your landing page.  Are they following you on Twitter, do they “Like” You, etc.?

    4. What other people are saying, doing, and buying.

    5. How “warm” are they in terms of being ready to “Add to cart” or to “Talk to someone now”?

    Each “group of visitors” has different expectations of items they expect on a landing page, and as such, they respond better to different items on the page.  In my opinion, HubSpot does a fantastic job of breaking down these visitors into sections of a funnel (source).  

    1. Top of the Funnel (these visitors typically respond well to lists/"did you know" items)

    2. Middle of Funnel (the visitors who typically respond well to Social proof - what others are saying/doing/buying)

    3. Bottom of Funnel - ready to buy, or ready to talk to someone in a Lead Generation

    So, if your landing page items and landing page messaging isn’t created to offer something to EACH of the 3 areas of this funnel - then you are missing massive opportunity to convert them and move them further down the funnel.

    What to do to correct mistake #1

    1. For the Top of the Funnel - Consider adding a numbered list of the benefits of the product or service on your landing page in a  “Things you need to know about the product or service on this page” or ”Did you know that this product or service can make your life easier by....”

    2. For the Middle of Funnel - Show the visitor what others are saying about the product or service on this landing page (this ties into Mistake #2...keep reading).

    3. For the Bottom of Funnel - Give the visitor a very clear, very smart CTA - Lead Generation pages are a great place for a “Talk to one of our someone now” with a Live chat module, or a Toll Free Phone # - even better than saying “Talk to someone now” let them know what type of person they will be talking to.  If your landing page is for Widget A with xyz features or sizes, let them know they can “Talk to a Widget A expert about xyz features now” .

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    This guest post is part of a four-part series. Be sure to join us 02/14, 02/15 and 02/16 for the remaining 3 worst landing page mistakes!

    landing page mistakesDustin Sparks is a Landing Page and A/B Conversion Optimization Expert. Over the past 15 years, Dustin has helped a number of major US and international brands develop successful web-based initiatives. Companies like Carbonite, Cabelas, Golfsmith, Freescale, AppliedMicro, SkyGeek, GreekGear.com, The Gallup Organization, Toyota, Mastercard, Blockbuster Video, and many others have benefitted from Dustin's deep understanding and innovative perspective. More of his conversion tips and tactics can be found over at the Optimal eCommerce blog

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