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    Tweetable Stats to Inspire Your Social Media Strategy

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Power Stats on Social Media

    Nielsen has released the 2012 Social Media Report, a comprehensive analysis of social media trends from last year. Its findings? Total time spent on social media has risen (surprise, surprise). Pinterest has become an Internet giant. Social media is the new customer service. Mobile optimization is a must. And ads on Facebook? They’re more effective if they’re “liked” or shared by your friends. Based on these trends, we’ve put together the most relevant data so you can update your social media strategy.

    Social Media Trends

    20% of time on PCs is spent on social networking sites.

    30% of time on mobile devices is spent on social networking sites.

    Compared to 2011, social app time increased by 76% in 2012.

    When looking at the top social networks by number of unique visitors and comparing them year over year, it becomes clear that Pinterest exploded in popularity in 2012. Pinterest was up 1,047% on unique PC visitors, 1,698% on unique mobile app visitors, and 4,225% on unique mobile web visitors in 2012. It’s more important than ever to take advantage of all social media sites. Cross promote. While Facebook and Twitter still clearly dominate the social media playground, make sure to add new popular social media sites if you have the bandwidth. We've written guides for Pinterest, Tumblr, and FourSquare to help with your social media strategy. You want to make sure you have all your bases covered. A site that has a modest following today might be the next big thing tomorrow.

    Image Credit: Nielsen

    Customer Service is Evolving

    47% of social media users engage in customer service via social media. Customers are now spelling out their questions, complaints, and praises publicly. Make sure you’re equipped to handle criticisms from social media effectively. These types of customer service interactions are most likely to come through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and your company’s blog. Try to turn negative comments into opportunities to resolve the situation and show your dedication to your customers. Changing a negative situation into a positive one will have an even more powerful impact when others can also see the outcome, which means the potential for redemption or disaster lies in how you use social media.

    Going Mobile isn't Optional

    It’s time to go mobile. PCs are still the most common way people choose to go online. But from July 2011 to July 2012, the total time spent online on PCs only went up 4%, while mobile web time went up by 22%. Time spent on mobile apps increased 120% as well. This illustrates a real shift in the way people are choosing to access the Internet. It’s more important than ever to optimize your website for mobile access. Take advantage of the popularity of mobile apps. Invest in developing a useful company app. Customers want things on their terms, so create an app that’s convenient and easy to use.

    Do Social Ads The Right Way

    If social ads are part of your company's overall social media strategy, then you need to hear this. 33% of people think ads on social networks are more annoying than other kinds of online advertising. But 26% are more likely to pay attention to an ad posted by one of their social connections. People are more apt to “like” an ad than share it, but “Likes” still raise your company’s visibility. Try giving some incentive for people to share your ads to increase their effectiveness and mitigate the “annoying factor.”

    Image Credit: Nielsen

    Bonus Insights We Love

    32% of people age 18-24 use social networking sites in the bathroom.

    51% of people aged 25-34 use social networking in the office.

    Over 70% of Pinterest users are female.

    What are you changing in your social media strategy for 2013?

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