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    Torture-Free Marketing, Manners, Instagram, and Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    It’s been a relatively quiet week in the marketing realm. There were zero major scandals about social media network terms of service, no major announcements, and no overhauls to the Google search algorithm. Does this mean you can spend the rest of the weekend with your feet up, ignoring your inbound marketing strategy? As if. The only constant in the digital marketing space is change, which is why you should use this rare downtime to improve your approach:

    How’s Your Guest Blogging Etiquette?

    Guest blogging is a slightly awkward situation. On one hand, free content. On another hand, someone is asking to enter a space and a readership you work hard to maintain. There’s some unspoken etiquette about how bloggers should approach other content creators, and Renee DeCoskey did a fantastic job of laying out the basics on Business2Community. Learn how to pitch, create content, and deliver a post in a way that reflects well on your personal and professional brand. Rules found here.

    How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

    A few months ago, the value of a disengaged Facebook fan was negligible. Since the introduction of Facebook graph search, the value of fans who don’t actively “Like” or comment on your content has risen significantly, particularly if they have a large network. In short, it’s a pretty good idea for your business to actively expand your total number of “Likes.” Samuel Pustea’s post on Jeff Bullas’s marketing blog isn’t especially complex, but it’s filled with great ideas and even better visual examples. Have you simply taken the time to ask personal connections to “Like” your company page? Recommendations here.

    A Torture-Free Way to Get Your Partners to Spend More on Content Marketing

    Content marketing seriously gets the worst rap. The truth is, even if you’d rather get a root canal than write an 800-word response to a frequently asked customer question, it’s still a really effective way to generate new business. Alan Vitberg of HubSpot partner Vitberg LLC wrote a fabulous post this week on how marketers can inspire analytical types to invest more heavily in content. It includes a quick-and-dirty breakdown on the analytics used most often by B2B marketers, and tips on how to inspire even the most content-averse CEO to blog, blog, blog. Crunch numbers here.

    How to: Instagram Your Brand’s Story

    How often are people writing great content about how brands can connect with consumers on Instagram? I’m sure the answer is not nearly enough. The photo-sharing platform is ripe with potential for visual brand messaging, and Ike Brooker of Likeable Media has curated some gorgeous and inspiring examples of brands using Instagram perfectly. Discover how British photographer Ben Hopper uses Instagram to provide insight into his creative process, and how the Museum of Modern Art releases captivating glimpses of their next exhibit. Full story here.

    Is the Press Release Worth Your Inbound Marketing Time and Money? 

    Poor press releases. Many content marketing teams nationwide are spending a great deal of time behind closed doors debating their true value. A few years ago, hammering out a quick announcement about your new eBook or company’s award was an effective way to build high-authority inbound links in a matter of hours—so effective that Google caught on to the fact SEOs were gaming the system with press releases. Discover what content manager Brianne Carlon of Kuno Creative has found about the efficacy of press releases, and how you can ensure you’re not needlessly pouring money down the drain. Full scoop here.

    Did you write or discover any outstanding inbound marketing strategy content this week? Share in the comments, and we may spotlight you in next week’s roundup post!


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