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    10 Twitter Brands that Are Worth a Second Date

    Posted by Sunday Avery

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    There are some brands (and celebrities that are their own brand) that we are all a little bit in love with. They have great manners, they would probably foot the bill, and they are almost certainly worth a second date. At the very least, they’re worth a solid ReTweet. This is a compilation of accounts that give us the butterflies in our stomach, and show us how brands (and celebrities) can make us feel like a natural woman. Metaphorically speaking.

    1. TUMS @TUMStweets


    best brands on twitter




    There is something so delightful about the TUMS brand. They care about the well-being of your stomach after you’ve had too many buffalo wings, and they are one of our top picks for brands that most definitely Tweet back. Sensitive, prompt, and sweet? Definitely a brand to introduce to the folks.

    2. McDonald’s @McDonaldsCorp

    best brands on twitter




    The McDonald’s Twitter sounds like something that could go horribly wrong. It’s a huge company that deals with a worldwide fan (and hater) base. However, once you’ve read a few Tweets from the company, you will also feel the warm first-date fuzzies. They Tweet about Hamburglar lore and they wish their followers “Good Morning.” It feels more like a mom-and-pop account than that of a massive company, and we love it.

    3. Ludacris @Ludacris

    best brands on twitter




    I confess, I have the hugest crush on Luda. He’s charitable, he Tweets motivational quotes, and he’s a hunk. And according to Spotify, he’s been one of my top artists since the dawn of time. Sure, he’s not really a “brand,” but is there anything more marvelous than a celebrity who ReTweets for birthdays, Instagrams childhood pics, and uses the hashtag #NowThatsLudicrous?

    4. The New York Times @NYTimes

    best brands on twitter





    If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a little bit lazy. There’s nothing quite like having the New York times filling our Twitter feeds with the latest news so that we can sound a little smarter at a company lunch. In fact, it’s sort of like having a second date bring you a big take-out meal when you’re feeling blue. Aww, New York Times, you’re so thoughtful.

    5. Masterpiece PBS @MasterpiecePBS

    best brands on twitter




    Masterpiece PBS is my ideal date. Smart, cute, and a little bit risky (Do you doubt? Have you SEEN Downton Abbey?!). They “live Tweet” episodes, respond to fans, and carry the banner for all the American viewers who get seasons of British shows a few months late. Forget the second date. Heck, walk this brand down the aisle!

    6. Taco Bell @TacoBell

    best brands on twitter




    Taco Bell has one of the wittiest Twitters out there. They are hip to trends, love ReTweeting the wildest customer comments, and have a hilarious, self-aware style. Plus, a date with them would be so chill. Just a few Doritos tacos and some great conversation. It’d be low-key and primed for a callback!

    7. NASA @NASA

    best brands on twitter




    The NASA Twitter account has the potential to be a dead Tweet wasteland, with occasional updates and dry facts. But appearances can be deceiving; this is a vibrant party of a date with loads of pictures, live Tweet events, and fun facts. They may look like an Urkel, but they come out swinging like Fabio.

    8. R.L. Stine @RL_Stine

    best brands on twitter




    You scream, I scream, we all scream for Goosebumps. But there is something even more marvelous about R.L. Stine’s personal account, which includes everything from links to his new work to commentary on his old. He’s sassy, he ReTweets fans, and he’s everything I’m looking for in a Twitter crush. Also, his description is “My job: to terrify kids.” PERFECTION.

    9. Richard Roeper @RichardRoeper

    best brands on twitter





    Richard Roeper and I have a lot in common. Alright, well, we have a mutual love for film in common. But even more than that, I need a man who makes me laugh, and Lil Rich is just the man for the job. His sharp commentary extends far beyond Movieland, to news items and beyond. See for yourself! This man is a treasure.

    10. Starbucks @Starbucks

    best brands on twitter




    Starbucks exemplifies a perfect mix of professional and fun when it comes to Twitter. They are essentially a hunky CEO with a heart of gold. Maybe I’m getting a little romance novel about them, but a visit to their Twitter reveals a sweet yet put-together side. Besides, a second date at a coffee shop would be totally appropriate.

    In conclusion: no, we don’t want no scrubs…for our second Twitter date, anyways.

    What Twitter accounts would you go on a second date with?

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