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    Snacks, Dynamic Mobile, Positive Personas and Content of the Week

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Home Runs of the Week

    Although Bob Dylan wrote years ago that the times were changing, his words are a perfect description for today’s state of SEO, social media, and mobile marketing in 2013. Between graph search, the continued explosion of social media marketing, and continually shorter attention spans among marketers, brands can’t take a stagnant approach to connecting with consumers. There’s no shortcuts for hard work and continual growth in the realm of inbound marketing, which is why this week’s post is all about improving your skills and approach to match what works today. Join us for an overview of the latest and greatest thoughts on the world of marketing:

    5 Types of Snack Size Content for Social Media Marketing Worth Considering

    “Meals and snacks” is one of our CEO Bill Faeth’s catchphrases. It means that not every piece of blog content, top-of-the-funnel offer, and social media post needs to be the literary equivalent of a feast to fare well. Marketing mastermind Jeff Bullas argues that snacks may have value that matters more than ever. He cites some pretty convincing examples about how your consumers’ attention spans have grown shorter, and why marketers need to adjust their content accordingly. While the most popular YouTube videos of years past were 2–3 minutes long, many now are in the 15-second range. Learn how you can distribute small pieces of content that still satisfy almost any appetite. Bite here.

    Adding Dynamic Mobile Marketing to Your Marketing Mix: How to Create Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

    QR Codes. Apps. Mobile technology has transformed life and business as we know it, and experts estimate that there will be a mobile device for every human by the year 2015. Jichel Stewart, CEO of DigiStream Media, hit a serious home run this week by rounding up some of the latest statistics on how small businesses can (affordably) use mobile marketing, and where to get started. From mobile-optimizing your company’s website to creating QR codes, learn how you can and should get started. Go mobile here.

    Be Positive: Why Your Social Media Persona Really Matters

    When people look at your personal or corporate Twitter feed, what do they see? Do they perceive someone who’s always grousing about customer service gone wrong, or someone who shamelessly self-promotes his or her content marketing? We all want to be the persona who is so happy and shiny on Twitter that others are drawn right into their network. Social media expert Peg Fitzpatrick has pulled together an amazing post on how to improve your social media charisma factor, with plenty of screenshots and examples from other thought leaders. Learn why you need to be positive, interesting, and helpful, and avoid being crass. Full scoop here.

    The 5 SEO Tricks You Need to Ditch in 2013

    Back as recently as early 2011, Google search was a little bit like an amateur magic show. Anyone with a basic knowledge of things like buying links could almost magically shoot their way to the top, and searchers never knew whether they would end up with quality information or a page of thin, spun content. Daniel Vaczi of Adhere Creative wrote an exceptional review of how SEO best practices have changed. Learn why pointless press releases and spammy commenting don’t work, and what you can do in their place. Full story here.

    7 Ways to Make Your Landing Page Copy Explode With Awesome

    Confusion is one of the biggest factors standing in the way of your company achieving a high conversion rate. Our Senior Copywriter Jasmine Henry shared her thoughts on effective copywriting for landing pages in a guest post on Dustin Spark’s blog, Optimal eCommerce. We’ll offer a few hints: You need to aggressively format and write sparingly, while driving the value home. Learn whether your landing page copy is convincing or befuddling your leads. Full post here.

    Did you write or discover any exceptional inbound marketing strategy content this week? Share a link in the comments, and we may pass the SEO juice in next week’s post!

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