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    6 Ways to Make (and Keep!) Friends on Twitter

    Posted by Sunday Avery

    Twitter BFFs

    There are a billion reasons why businesses (and regular folk) should make strong connections on Twitter. Even if it’s only for the small electric shock of joy you get when someone “favorites” your Tweet. And Twitter is not just a waste of time. It’s a great tool for businesses to reach out to customers and new faces, and vice versa.

    Here are some ways to make and keep connections in the Twitterverse. (Yes that is a word.)

    1. Don’t Be Stingy

    It’s like my mother always says: “To make friends, you have to be friendly.” Make sure you are favoriting, ReTweeting, and commenting on Tweets yourself. Don’t expect to receive the same treatment in return if you’re only favoriting a Tweet a week, and it’s one of Kim Kardashian’s. The only people who can afford to do nothing are famous people.

    2. Chop Chop

    If and when you do receive a mention, be sure to be prompt in your response. Pretend Twitter is like your cell phone, and your mom is texting you. You wouldn’t deny your own mother, would you? No one is going to want to keep a conversation going if you respond to their Tweet a year later, and it’s just a “thx.” Even if you are responding to a complaint, a survey from research company evolve24 says that 83% of the Twitter users who received a reply “liked” or “loved” the fact that the brand took time to respond to them.

    3. Seek and Ye Shall Find

    If you’re selling cupcakes and you want to interact with locals in your community, please don’t try and make a dent in Twitter by Tweeting love notes to Ludacris all day. Use hashtags to search your city’s name, and follow people who are out and about in your town. Or if you’re a nationwide company, use hashtags again to find phrases that are relevant to your business. Follow people who use those tags, and build your community of besties.

    4. Be Hip and Groovy

    No one wants to Tweet (or text) people who use one-letter responses or the classic “kk.” There is a whole ocean of Tweets out there. In order to get attention from your future friends, you need to put on your thinking cap and whip up some clever Tweets.

    5. Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

    Once you’ve made a connection with someone on Twitter, say with an exchange of ReTweets or mentions, don’t forget to keep interacting with them as you see them on your feed. If your company is following a million users, put them on a special “friends” list and make them feel like a brand new penny. (If you aren’t sure how to make a list, here is a great article on how to do so.)

    6. Chillax

    One misconception a lot of businesses have is that they must keep things formal and business-y on their social media accounts. As important as it is to be polite, there is no need to only post updates about sales or official company news. People enjoy brands who personify themselves and aren’t afraid to get a little rowdy. One shining example of this is the very popular and super-amazing Taco Bell Twitter account. I encourage you to read through their Tweets to get an idea about how informal and funny interactions can build an audience.

    In conclusion?

    Here are some screenshots of a few frequent interactions we have with users @iheartborischo and @DennisDBuchanan. They favorite and RT our Tweets frequently; not only because we post A+ content, but because we send the love right back their way!

    best friends on twitter





    best friends on twitter





















    How do you make new friends on Twitter?


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