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    The 25 Best Internet Memes of All Time

    Posted by Robert Coles

    Content That's Funny, Yet Useful!

    If Internet memes have taught us anything, it's that there are plenty of ways to waste time, be it at work, at home on the couch, or on Facebook at a restaurant. Fortunately, we've taken all of the guesswork out of which memes are the best of all time, and as an added bonus, they're all safe for the workplace.

    Since they began to appear around 2003, Internet memes have actually become a very positive step for companies to use as a way to generate business. Internet memes are shared on social media networking sites quite often, and memes can be used as a way to link to a company's website. AOL and Nielsen recently released a study with some pretty interesting results. 23% of all social media content contains links to content.

    Memes are also a great way to reach out to younger generations who consistently look for humor. Consumers aged 18 to 34 make up 30% of all Internet users, and of that group, 36% share content. Is your business sharing content that this age group wants to see? It's not all about "Hey look at our product," it's more about getting traffic through social media networks and providing content worthy of sharing. There are a couple of ways to do this: on a photo description in Facebook, for example, you could incorporate a link to interesting content that somewhat relates to the meme. On Twitter, you can place the link directly into the Tweet. With memes on virtually every topic, you'll find something for every piece of content.

    Finally, memes are just plain fun to look at. Ranging from the "Grumpy Cat" to the "Condescending Wonka" and "The Worst Girlfriend Ever," memes are a great way to break up the day and create a little humor. Be careful when sharing with co-workers, though. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) memes will get you in big trouble. 

    We've compiled a list of the 25 best memes of all time for your viewing pleasure. If you get caught looking at these at work, just tell your boss that Internet memes are a great way for a company to generate traffic to all of your company's different social media netoworking sites, prove that a company is current with the times and able to reach out to the younger generations, and that memes are fun to look at. Call it research, then forward him or her this article and get them laughing with you. After all, nothing builds a positive work environment like laughter!

    1.) Worst Girl Friend Ever?



    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


    2.) My Dinner Is More Important Than Your Dinner


    421020 482610451791937 1238415027 n

    Photo Credit: someecards.com


    3.) We All Knew That One Girl... 



    Photo Credit: memegenertor.net


    4.) Would Someone Please Feed This Adorable Cat?


    cheezburger 258949

    Photo Credit: icanhascheezburger.com


    5.) The Chemistry Cat


    ChemistryCatOnDating 32707

    Photo Credit: lolsnaps.com


    6.) Chuck Norris is Better Than You


    chucknorrisfacts 258949

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


    7.) Photobombing Squirrel


    crashersquirrel 258949

    Photo Credit: tumblr.com


    8.) Smartest Woman Ever...


    demotivational 258949

    Photo Credit: demotivationalposters.net


    9.) The Most Interesting Man Alive


    funny walmart meme freaks

    Photo Credit: themetapicture.com


    10.) That's One Grumpy Cat


    Grumpy Cat MEME 01

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


    11.) Those Commas Are Tricky


    Lets eat grandma

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


    12.) Willy Wonka, You Got Very Condescending...


    oh you just corrected my typo tell me more about your english proficiency

    Photo Credit: quickmeme.com


    13.) One Direction Fans Are The Worst


    one direction fans brace yourselves crazy

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


     14.) Look At This Meme, Isn't It Neat?


    Screen shot 2013 01 10 at 3.45.41 PM

    Photo Credit: quickmeme.com 


    15.) What A Realization...


    photo 2

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


    16.) Poor Dog! Must Have Been So Scary!


    photo 3

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


    17.) That Crazy Old Grandma...


    photo 4

    Photo Credit: someecards.net


    18.) Math Is Just No Fun


    photo 5

    Photo Credit: quickmeme.com


    19.) Whitney Houston Will Always Live On In Song


    photo 6

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


    20.) Poor Pug...


    photo 7

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


    21.) Did The Legal Drinking Age Go Down?


    photo 8

    Photo Credit: quickmeme.com


    22.) Cute Puppies Make Everything Better


    photo 9

    Photo Credit: memegenerator.net


     23.) Our Education System Hard At Work



    Photo Credit: quickmeme.com


    24.) What A Very Logical Baby...


    tumblr lusi6rfwzr1qaqwkmo1 400

    Photo Credit: quickmeme.com

    25.) Has your boss asked you this recently?


    Photo Credit: roflcat.com


    Sure, this list could go on and on, as there is literally no limit as to how many memes could be created. Consider adding Internet memes to your social media networking strategy and let us know if you think we've missed any really funny ones!

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