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    Best Campaigns Ever, Real Social ROI and Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    As the first full work week of 2013 draws to a close, we’re re-evaluating our personal and agency goals for the coming year. While I can’t speak for all of my colleagues, my own include more self-education and taking time to find inspiration. This week’s post is filled with brands of all sizes doing really great things, as well as some not-so-cool things. Whether you’re in need of a kick in the pants to finally set up an account on Slideshare or stories of brands rocking Facebook’s edgerank algorithm, you’ll find it in this week’s round-up. Buckle your seatbelts:

    The Top 10 Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns EVER: Slideshow

    You know you’re a marketer when you really don’t mind advertising. Television and radio commercials aside, some of our best inspiration as content creators can come from other brands doing something really well. Not every campaign highlighted by HubSpot’s Marta Kagan was a wild success--Burger King’s infamous “The Whopper Sacrifice” was quickly banned by Facebook, but they all have invaluable lessons to share. From promoters of the show True Blood mailing mysterious vials of what seemed to be blood to the faux missing persons campaign stemming from The Blair Witch Project, it’s well worth the read. More campaigns here.

    How to Generate Leads WIth Slideshare

    There’s never enough content about Slideshare, in our opinion. The world’s largest content-sharing network receives five times the traffic from small and medium-sized business owners as Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn. Plus, the SEO of the network is outstanding. Barry Feldman dives into examining best practices on the little-discussed network, including how to embed media and what types of content thrive. Start sharing here.

    2012’s Ten Worst Social Media Disasters

    inbound marketing strategy

    image credit: Alex/Morris Business2Community.com

    When a company quickly publishes content based on current events, a concept described as newsjacking by David Meerman Scott, it provides exceptional opportunity to gain exposure. Content creation surrounding major events such as national tragedies or environmental disasters is a particularly risky endeavor, and far too many brands gained all the wrong attention in 2012 for trying to use Hurricane Sandy and other events to drive their bottom line. The casual clothes brand American Apparel informed Twitter followers that customers affected by Sandy were eligible for a discount. Not a bad sentiment, but insinuating the worst effect of the Hurricane was boredom wasn’t perceived as especially sensitive. Besides, who doesn’t secretly love delving into real-life examples of brands gone wrong? Full scoop here.

    Starbucks: Social Media Revenue is Based on Relationships

    Starbucks is among the most unstoppable brands using Facebook business pages at the moment. With a base of around 33 million “likes” at the time of writing, their Instagram-heavy brand page has such a high engagement rate that their content organically reaches more non-fans than fans. The fact that their fans share the content in such high numbers that it doubles exposure is a remarkable example of engagement in an era when Adage estimates that less than one percent of Facebook fans interact with brand pages in a given month. And yes, they’re driving ROI--their data indicates that exposure to Facebook content drives sales up by 38 percent. How do they do it? Dig into Ernan Ronan’s analysis here!

    Your Landing Pages Won’t Ever Be the Same!

    Have you hit all the best practices for landing page design? Is your tone right and are you taking the time to close the loop? In case you hadn’t noticed from his guest post in the IMA blog earlier this week (5 Tactics for Improving Your Landing Pages), Dustin Sparks is a pretty sharp dude with 15 years experience in landing page optimization and A/B testing. He hit a recent homerun on the Optimal eCommerce blog by providing one of the smartest crash-courses in lead capture we’ve ever encountered. Trust us, he’ll convert you, too. Capture his concepts here.

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