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    5 Superlative Nashville Social Media Stars: Facebook Edition

    Posted by Angela Suico

    Nashville Dominates Facebook

    Because everyone and their grandmother are on Facebook, it can be difficult to make your business’s profile stand out in the crowd. Are you stuck trying to figure out how to build a great Facebook page? IMA has researched what five of the top companies in Nashville do to keep their thousands (or millions) of Facebook fans engaged, and based on our findings we’ve compiled a handy list of how to create a top-notch Facebook profile for your business:

    1. Post Visual Content Often

    Just like Jack Daniels whiskey and Miley Cyrus, Cracker Barrel is one of many things that was born in Tennessee but gained popularity nationwide. The company has more than 600 stores in 42 states. That popularity probably accounts for the reason why its Facebook “Likes” number more than 700,000, but it's social media strategy probably helps a lot, too: Cracker Barrel’s profile pops with visual content ranging from mouth-watering photos of its food, fun pictures accompanied by questions like “What makes you smile?”, and images promoting special contests. All of these great pictures prevent the company’s profile from being too boring and bloated with text.


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    2. Focus on the Customer

    Nissan posts pictures of its specially-made vehicles, like the Batmobile-inspired Nissan Juke Batman Edition, and provides updates sharing the company’s accomplishments. This sort of activity is a given for any business on Facebook, but Nissan goes above and beyond by involving fans in its Facebook presence, too. The company shares personal photos of their fans and their Nissan vehicles, either by posting an image sent in by their “fan of the week” or by making the image from their “Featured Fan” its cover photo for the month. January’s cover photo, for example, features a man happily embracing his new wife in front of his Nissan Titan. Personal touches like these show how well Nissan understands the importance of its customers.



    3. Give Fans Easy Access to Company Goings-On

    Boasting a whopping 3.4 million fans, Gibson knows it has a lot of people visiting its Facebook each day. To keep the masses updated on all of the company’s current events, its profile has widgets linking to contests, job openings, and the Gibson store; fans thus have easy access to all things Gibson whenever they visit the guitar giant's Facebook. In addition to posting pictures of gnarly guitars that will leave music nuts salivating, Gibson also posts fan pictures, asks them to sound off on its products, and poses questions like “Who was more influential to rock and roll: Chuck Berry or Elvis?”




    4. Incorporate Video

    The Titans’ Facebook page has all of the previously mentioned elements that encourage fan engagement, like photos of fans, merchandise offers, widgets, and contests. But it also posts videos of players sharing special messages with fans and previews of the weekly Titans’ television show, Titans All Access. The profile thus lets fans see different sides of their favorite team members that they wouldn’t get from just watching a game.


    5. Share Fun Facts

    As Christmas approached, Gaylord Hotels was not shy about letting its Facebook fans know the numbers behind its beautiful holiday displays: 89,420 feet of garland is hung at its resorts during the holiday season, and Christmas at the Gaylord Texan involved no less than 1.5 million lights and 1.5 million pounds of snow. But in addition to sharing insider trivia, the Gaylord Hotels group also posts about quirky holidays, like Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19) and Toss the Fruitcake Day (January 4). It's Facebook profile is a great example of how to reach out to fans by being quirky and interesting.




    None of the actions outlined above are too difficult or time-consuming. To stay ahead of the curve, all you have to do is ensure that the content that you post is fun, visually appealing, and interesting and make it easy for your followers to learn about your company. With great pictures, videos, and widgets, your Facebook will soon dominate your competition’s.

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     image credit: chuck felix/freedigitalphotos.net

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