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    Compelling Stats, Viral Recipes, Vintage Ads and Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    News flash: social media is no longer optional. While most of us have long been clued into just how big of a role Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ play in purchase decisions, it seems that traditional news sources have caught on as well. Many of the major headlines this week covered social topics: Wall Street Journal covered the fact that Google+ is becoming mandatory for businesses who care about search rankings. Forbes' "3 Reasons You Should Quit Social Media" had attracted nearly 200,000 readers at the time of writing, and a whole firestorm of controversy. The fact is, the world is social and there's no turning back. Think of this week's top content as a survival guide to hacking these new communication channels:

    102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)

    If you're in need of some inspiration for content creation in the coming week, you're sure to find something fresh and shocking in this round-up. The Webbiquity blog compiled an exhaustive round-up of insight into the state of social media in recent months. Stats range from the unsurprising (92% of businesses are using social media for marketing) to the slightly depressing (only 4% of marketers feel they have a grasp of social media analytics). This content isn't just worth the read, it's worth adding to your bookmarks to come back and discover again and again. Get the full scoop here!

    4 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Should Include Google+ in 2013

    I think I've only ever met one person who actually liked Google+ as a platform for social networking. For many of the rest of us, spending time on the network is a chore. It's less user-friendly than any other platform, and one of the biggest detractors is that it's never been effective at getting our friends to post stuff--the average user spends 3.3 minutes engaged a month, compared to upwards of 7 hours monthly on Facebook. We've got to hand it to Sean Johnson of The Weidert Group for outlining why Google+ isn't optional for content creators and business-owners, even if it isn't as pretty as Pinterest. Discover the rest here

    Social Media Marketing--Top Buzzwords for 2013

    Buzzwords are a pretty divisive topic, and it seems like no one holds a neutral opinion on the idea. Either you actively learn and use hyper-popular terms to appear savvy and up-to-date, or you hate the fact they're quickly rendered meaningless. Laura Nicholas of The Corporate Communicator delves into the meaning behind some of the top terms of the moment, from digital native to engagement. Whether you're hoping to appear more polished, understand the latest trends or just parse some of the talk on Twitter, it's worth the read. Dive in here

    Content Marketing Inspiration From 5 Vintage New Year's Ads

    Due to the velocity of words required from your average professional content creator, feeding yourself with quality inspiration on a regular basis is required. Ben Richardson, a fellow Nashvillean and blogger at Content Equals Money has compiled some of the gorgeous and glamorous marketing I've seen in a while. Drawing from the era that inspired everyone's favorite marketing television show, Mad Men, you'll likely emerge feeling ready to conquer your content calendar. Visuals found here

    The Key Ingredients of the Best Digital Campaigns of 2012

    One of my very favorite marketing bloggers and speakers, Michael Gass of Fuel Lines, was brave enough to cover a pretty hefty topic on his blog this week: why do some videos go viral and how do I make one of my own? I'm sorry to say there's no secret formula in his blog post, but there's one of the most comprehensive slideshows I've ever seen on the topic. Working in conjunction with Boston-based McDougall  Interactive Marketing, Gass reveals the facts surrounding the most-popular marketing videos in 2012, and how your brand can emulate their success. Go viral here

    Did you publish or discover any truly exceptional content this week? Share in the comments, and we may pass the link love in next week's post!

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