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    The Most Read Blog Articles of 2012

    Posted by Bill Faeth


    I couldn't think of a better way to close out our blog for 2012 by sharing our most popular blog articles for the year. I find it very interesting that the majority of these article are about social media and not about generating leads or how to convert leads to customers.  

    As a business owner these are really the most important items to grow your business, but social media is obviously of the most interest to our readers, so we give you what you desire. It also generates the most traffic for our site and generates the most leads by a 2:1 margin over organic traffic.

    If you are not on board with social media as a benefit for your business let us be a built in case study for you that it works.  Organic rankings are great (we want the top spot on Google too), but if executed correctly social media gain be extremely successful and even deliver faster results.

    Here are the top articles of 2012 and the page views for each article since April of 2012.

    You Can't Eat a Facebook "Like"

    If I could eat a Facebook "Like" I would look exactly like the late Chris Farley. "Likes" are great, but the the six fundamentals of inbound marketing below will keep the pantry filled with leads and customer conversions.

    5,270 page views

    Top Secret: Google+ Seriously Sucks 

    My little social media secret is that I hate Google+. I'm no fan of the user experience, the appearance of the layout and even the name. Logically, I understand that Google+ isn't an optional aspect of a minimal social media strategy for small businesses. Websites which leverage the +1 button receive 3.5 times the traffic of sites which completely boycott Google+.

    3,866 page views

    7 Tips on How to Use Hashtags on Twitter  

    Are you looking to increase your social media reach and engagement rate? Well, who isn't? There are over 200 million tweets published each day, and your content needs to be found in order to earn shares or retweets. If you haven't started learning how to use hashtags on Twitter for small business, this clever social media trick might be just the boost you need.  While there is no unique SEO value of a hashtag, they significantly increases the searchability of social media content.  

    3,106 page views

    How to Write a Community Plan (not social strategy) for Your Business    

    We have come across many community development plans over the years and to be honest most of them are either impractical, irrelevant, or do not exist.  If you plan on building an online community you must have a plan.  This is not a strategy, but a community plan. The list below will help you develop your plan and improve the growth and experience of your community. 

    2,906 page views

    25 Social Media Tips for 2013   

    It's no secret that Twitter is an excellent tool for businesses. With over 500 million people on Twitter, the possibilities for growing your brand are endless, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are rules to follow for successful Twitter interaction.

    2,404 pagew views (posted 12/24/12)

    Logo and Brand Identity Aren't the Same

    Developing your brand identity is an ongoing, dynamic process, and it's shaped by many
    things.  There's the image that you put out there, a unique identity that helps consumers understand what differentiates your business from all the other choices at their disposal.  There's also public perception of your business, determined mostly by the way that stakeholders experience your services or products.  Of course, each of these is comprised of a multitude of facets that come together to create the full brand identity equation.  

    2,127 page views (Guest Post by Katleen Richardson - Marketing Advantedge)

    How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

    The rapid growth of social media communities and sites has revolutionized the way businesses
    market themselves to the public.  Any company that wishes to survive in the near future must embrace and include a viable social media strategy within its broad strategy. Lack of a clear social media strategy to guide the company can hamper its success in this arena to a larger extent.              

    1,688 page views

    The 6 Most Irritating Ways to Use Hashtags on Twitter

    Isn't Twitter just for B2C marketers and teens? Hardly. 84% of B2B marketers are now using social media in one form or another. A major survey of CMOs found that in the next 5 years, marketers expect to spend nearly 20% of their budget on social media. If you're going to be taking the plunge into using Twitter to promote your small business, or you've already gotten started on the network, ensure learning hashtag etiquette is high on your list. 

    1,620 page views 


    From our entire staff at Inbound Marketing Agents, we wish you a prosperous 2013. We thank for you for reading our blog and look forward to providing with you more valuable content in 2013.

    Happy New Year 


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