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    5 Real-Life Business Brands That Have Tumblr's Number

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Tumblr for Brand Identity

    If you have been looking to expand your brand’s visibility through social networking, Tumblr might be the one under-the-radar site that can do your brand the most good. Understanding how to take advantage of Tumblr’s user base by constructing a blog that is visual and dynamic is one of the keys to expanding your brand via Tumblr. Luckily, there are a few sterling examples of brand representation that show how the social networking site’s powers are good not only for increasing your brand’s visibility but also for building its mystique and reputation. The list we’ve compiled below is comprised of some of the brands that use Tumblr brilliantly to concoct a persona around their brand that is well-connected to their niches.  

    Oscar De La Renta

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    Oscar De La Renta's elegant blog is a prime example of knowing your target audience and executing a perfect pursuit of that audience. His Tumblr is run by the so-called "PR Girl," and she does a fabulous job of pulling her dedicated followers into the legendary fashion house and making them feel connected to the designs that they gush over with every scroll of their mouse. The blog showcases all things emotional and  romantic, with its pale color schemes, generous use of black and white photography, and simplistic theme. In the past, De La Renta has also published live streams of his fashion shows to his Tumblr blog, which in turn directed traffic to his fashion house’s website and gained a massive amount of publicity for his brand.


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    PhotoJoJo, a photography company which specializes in photography advice and special products for all things pictorial, has established the perfect color scheme and layout to appeal to their chosen niche. Bright colors, clever titles and diction, and good coverage on the latest photography trends makes PhotoJojo’s Tumblr an enviable example for marketing well to the people who love your product.


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    Coca-Cola has mastered the art of maintaining and upholding the vintage aspect of their brand while still figuring out the most effective ways to market to the generally youthful base of Tumblr’s users. Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Is” campaign translates well to the visually-driven environment of the Tumblr universe, where quotes, pictures, and gifs are the holy grail of the user dashboard.

    Whole Foods Market

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    Whole Foods, the American market chain which carries organic, hormone- and antibiotic-free fare, has been championed by Tumblr itself as one brand that uses their platform the right way. And it is hard to disagree with the mothership; once you get a look at the sharp, granola-friendly blog of Dark-Rye, Whole Foods’ premiere online magazine, you get the sense that the brand has found its niche and has been creating blog content that is music to that niche’s ear ever since. In addition to posting philosophical quotes, artsy, vintage-inspired photography and unorthodox recipes, Dark Rye's publishers have accomplished a style of writing (witty and new-wave) that appeals to exactly the audience they desire.

    The New Yorker

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    The notable thing about The New Yorker's Tumblr is that, through a frankly superb manipulation of Tumblr's capacity for personalized layouts, they have created a blog that looks like, well, a blog version of their famous magazine. The blog's uses of The New Yorker's iconic fonts and simplistic  color scheme (mainly black and white) is a perfect teaser for the actual magazine; in fact, one thing that makes The New Yorker's Tumblr so brilliant is that all of the content that is posted there contains links directly to the main website. From "cartoons of the day" to snippets from articles, the blog has the soul of The New Yorker all over its stripped-down theme. In the Tumblr universe of honestly publicizing of a brand, The New Yorker might be second to none.

    image credit: just2shutter/freedigitalphotos.net

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