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    27 Business Blogging Lessons to Explode Your ROI

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Full-Throttle Content

    Planning on creating content in the coming year? Research indicates you're not alone. 91% of B2B marketers will be creating custom content in 2013, and 2/3 cite being able to write enough as their biggest challenge. If you're scraping for ideas to fill your content calendar in coming weeks, we've developed a list of ideas to boost your creativity back to full throttle:

    1. Compile Your Customer Questions

    You're blogging for your clients, right? Take the time to meet with your sales and customer service to compile your top 100 client questions. Use the results as an inspiration for blog content, TOFu offers and filling your content calendar.

    2. Commit to Improving Visual Aspects of Content

    Include images, video, and infographics often. If you're promoting content through Pinterest, test whether adding descriptive text to images increases your engagement on the social media network

    3. Review Analytics Often

    Integrate frequent review of blog analytics into your content marketing strategy. Looking at pure page views probably isn't enough. Analyze call-to-action (CTA) click-through rate, inbound links, and social media shares, using both your built-in sharing modules and tools like TweetReach.

    4. Stop Procrastinating on Networking

    If your social traffic is minimal, it's likely because you haven't built the network to generate shares. And if your content isn't earning social media shares, there's a fair chance your site's SEO could be suffering, too. Make networking with other bloggers, which could include exchanging Tweets and leaving comments on blogs, one of your content marketing resolutions for 2013. 

    5. Read a Book

    It doesn't have to be about content marketing or business theory. Feed yourself some fresh content. 

    6. Write What You Really Think

    Cover an issue in a way that's more than purely informative. It's always prudent to have a second pair of eyes read your content before publishing, and it's never more important than when you're dropping some controversy. Not only can taking a controversial stance on a hot issue drive serious traffic, it can feel pretty cathartic at the same time.

    7. Encourage Contributions From Team Members

    Every business blogger gets pretty tired of hearing their own voice on a regular basis. Encourage or mandate contributions from employees of your company who aren't marketers. Marcus Sheridan recommends having the management team contribute the "meat" of an article, while bloggers finish it off by adding "potatoes": formatting, links, images, and an introduction. 

    8. Compile Influencer Insights

    Take time to showcase thought leaders' insights and analysis in blog content or an eBook.

    9. Create a Twitter List of Bloggers

    Compile and curate a public Twitter list of influential bloggers in your niche to engage with on a regular basis.

    10. Stop Procrastinating About Using Slideshare

    In case you hadn't heard, the SEO of Slideshare is outstanding. Take the time to upload your whitepapers, eBooks, and presentations onto the network in coming months. 

    11. Consider That Less Might Be More

    If you're blogging twice daily, seven days a week, and seeing little traction; it may be time to take a step back. Consider focusing on quality over quantity, and making networking, promotion, and writing guest posts regularly a priority.

    12. Join #BlogChat

    I'm pretty sure no one has ever regretted going to a scheduled Tweetchat. Not only is blogging one of the most popular subjects, the topics and hosts each week are bound to be fascinating. Tune in Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time with the hashtag #Blogchat.

    13. Write Persona Profiles

    If you haven't written out your buyer persona profiles, put doing that at the top of your list. Don't be afraid to launch into deep analysis of their personalities or even get a little creepy by naming their pets or greatest fears. Vivid persona profiles make for highly targeted content.

    14. Set Distinct Blogging Goals

    Are your goals for 2013 to increase your website traffic to 60k visits a month? Publish a new TOFu content offer monthly? Triple your lead generation and blog subscribers? Decide what you're going to accomplish and how you're going to get there and write that information down.  

    15. Do Something Totally Unexpected

    Can you capitalize on the value of visual content with something that no one is expecting? Whether it's filming a music video or drawing a comic, showcase your brand personality. HubSpot's parody of Gangam Style, Inbound Style, generated brand awareness and revenue!

    16. Bring Celebrities Into It

    One of the most intriguing marketing emails to cross my inbox recently had the subject line of The Kim Kardashian Guide to Marketing. Who can resist opening that? 

    17. Do a Weekly Spotlight

    Spotlight the best content in your industry published by news sources and bloggers in a weekly round-up post or review of top headlines. 

    18. Offer Tastes of TOFu

    It's not shameless promotion if you're providing real benefit to your prospects, right? Publish a powerful exerpt from your eBooks as soon as they're published.

    19. Share Events

    Showcase seminars, conferences, or networking events by highlighting top Tweets and your own thoughts, too.

    20. Publish Original Research

    Mastermind an original study, execute it, and use the resulting data to create fresh blog content and eBooks. With the help of SurveyMonkey, gaining anonymous insight is easy!

    21. Conduct Expert Interviews

    Contact experts in your field about conducting an interview via email or video. 

    22. Bust Myths

    Dedicate content to debunking some of the most common myths in your niche and incorrect perceptions among your prospects.

    23. Showcase Your Clients

    Spotlight your clients, their companies, and how they feel about your organization. 

    24. Curate Trends

    Create and publish lists of influential and important trends in your industry.

    25. Spotlight Your Own Success

    Provide a round-up post of your own best-performing content.

    26. Poll Your Social Media Fans

    Using an app like Twtpoll for Twitter or a Facebook question, engage with your social media followers and spin their thoughts into content.

    27. Point Out Mistakes

    Compile a list of the most pervasive mistakes in your area, and offer expert insight on how to avoid them. 

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