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    25 Social Media Tips for Twitter in 2013

    Posted by Robert Coles

    Social Media Twips

    It's no secret that Twitter is an excellent tool for businesses. With over 500 million people on Twitter, the possibilities for growing your brand are endless, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are rules to follow for successful Twitter interaction.

    It’s time to start getting serious about how your Twitter interactions can help (or hurt) your business. Follow these 25 tips to keep your followers happy and build your customer base:

    #1 - Keep it short(er)

    If you want your Tweets to be Retweet-worthy, leave about 20-25 characters for room to do so. Just because you have the ability to use 140 characters doesn’t mean you have to use them all.

    #2 - Ask questions

    The best way to engage your Twitter audience is to ask them questions. If you post your blog to Twitter, ask a question before the link that relates to the post. People are more inclined to answer questions than respond to statements.

    #3 - Use hashtags responsibly

    Keep them short and simple. You want people to actually know what you’re referencing, so don’t make your Tweet too abstract either. #nooneneedsahashtagthatisthislong

    #4 - Invite followers

    Invite people to follow you using all of your social media sites. Recruit people to Twitter if they don’t have one. Post your Twitter handle on your website, add it to your email signature, and put it on your business cards.

    #5 - Don’t moderate

    If you start a conversation, be ready for anything that might happen, but don’t moderate it unless it becomes a field of trolls. Everyone has a right to freedom of speech.

    #6 - Use it for personal communication

    Don’t just tweet your offers, specials, or blog content. Actually post things that matter. Communicate with others and make them feel important.

    #7 - Add photos

    Your Tweets are more likely to be read if there’s a photo involved. Make it relevant.

    #8 - Make your Tweets unique

    If you’re tweeting from a software, and you’ve got 6 accounts linked to it, don’t feel that you have to tweet the same information to all of your accounts. Chances are, since you’ve been cross-promoting the entire time, you’ve got a lot of the same followers. They’ll start unfollowing accounts if they keep seeing the same posts.

    #9 - Create lists

    Keep up with the people that are really important to you through Twitter lists. With lists you won’t have to weed through all of the other followers to get to your friends, coworkers, or valued customers.

    #10 - No spamming!

    Sure, you can spam all you want to, but count on people to quickly unfollow you. And please, don’t send out an automated message to people directing them to your website or store when they follow you.

    #11 - Retweet others

    If you find content that is interesting, retweet it.

    #12 - Give links, but tell us what they are

    If you’re going to provide your followers with a link to an outside source, tell them what you’re sending them to first.

    #13 - You don’t have to read every Tweet

    It can get very exhausting reading every single tweet from every single person you follow. Only read the tweets from people in your lists and those who reply to something you’ve written.

    #14 - Have a profile photo

    If you’re still using that egg in the purple square as your photo, you’re losing a lot of credibility as someone worth following.

    #15 - Have your Twitter stand alone

    Don’t put a Twitter feed on your website. It will draw people’s attention away from your content. Twitter buttons are a great alternative.

    #16 - Follow people

    The best way to gain followers is to follow them first. Don’t dump them as soon as they follow you, however. There are websites that track that kind of activity and you’ll end up creating some enemies.

    #17 - Reply to people

    If someone mentions you in a Tweet, reply to them. It shows you care and are paying attention.

    #18 - Remember the Retweet Golden Rule

    Don’t retweet people when they praise you. No one is impressed.

    #19 - Don’t get addicted

    Set a timer and limit how long you’re on Twitter. It can get very addicting very quickly.

    #20 - We’re Not Your Tweeple

    Remember to treat others with respect. Only post things you would want to read, or things you wouldn’t mind Grandma reading.

    #21 - Promote people with good content

    Promote new people and people with few followers rather than those who are already famous or those with thousands of followers.

    #22 - Use good language

    Nothing will cause you to lose customers or followers faster than using language inappropriate to a business professional. Keep it clean!

    #23 - Unfollow spammers

    If you notice someone posting inappropriate comments, or pushing their product too hard, don't feel obligated to keep following.

    #24 - Don’t put a “Follow” button where it doesn’t belong.

    Don’t post a “Follow” button to your website. Instead, post your actual Twitter handle. Not everybody stays logged in to Twitter at all times, so having them click a “Follow” button may turn them away if they’d rather not go through the trouble of logging in first before they can follow you. Displaying only your Twitter handle, on the other hand,  allows them to follow you on their own time.

    #25 - Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

    Blog, start an aggressive email campaign or develop your Facebook profile and following. Don’t count on Twitter to do all the work for you.

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