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    Envelope Analytics, Spoiled SEO, HGTV and Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    Let me know if I'm wrong, but the last thing many of us want this holiday season is more things on our to-do list. If you've finished your shopping and work load until January 1st, count us jealous. Inbound marketing strategy is a 24/7 business, which is why this week's home runs are all about marketing smarter. From using Google Trends to make sure your keywords matter in the first place to using social media analytics that can be crunched on the back of an envelope, we're about to help you shift your focus and maybe even take a day off:

    Social Media Metrics - 9 Calculations to Tell if Your Twitter and Facebook Marketing Suck

    As if anyone needed another reason to embrace inbound marketing analytics completely in 2013, hard numbers aren't afraid to tell you the truth. If your social media marketing efforts are terrible, metrics will be like your new best friend who always tells the truth. Using the concept of "the envelope" as a gauge for providing simple equations almost anyone can perform without a calculator, Gerry Moran of MarketingThink presents 9 of the easiest analytics you'll ever crunch. From the value of your Tweets to your most interesting Facebook posts, I bet you can calculate how well you're doing within minutes. Start crunching numbers here.

    How to Use Google Trends to Complement Your Keyword Research

    Buyer persona profiles can yield insight into your clients' pain points, priorities, and potential objections. Keyword research through HubSpot or another tool can show you the terms for which your company has the best chances of gaining a high position in the search listings. But are you even researching the right terms in the first place? Samuel Chan, founder of Evobar, illustrates with some outstanding real-life examples and screenshots how this underutilized tool can help business bloggers tap into terms and alternatives that are gaining traction, and others that have ceased to matter. Full scoop here

    Top 5 Social Media Fails of 2012

    If you've mastered the art of always saying just the right thing on social media, we'd love to hear from you. It requires a delicate balance of shock-value and sensitivity, and many brands gain all the wrong kinds of press for their newsjacking efforts or insensitivity in the face of disaster. From American Apparel offering a 20% discount to victims of Hurricane Sandy "in case [they were] bored," to the trolls who had a field day with McDonald's failed hashtag "#McDStories," many of the worst scandals of past months are addressed. Kudos to Samantha Collier of Shift Digital for spinning each tale into a real-life lesson we can all apply. Fails found here

    5 Ways to Spoil a Good SEO Strategy

    Did you know that even JCPenny was hit with negative SEO by Google for taking too narrow of an approach with their keyword strategy? It's unfortunate but true that getting caught trying to game Google can happen to even the smartest SEOs. The tips and tricks highlighted in this content by Poeabby Masoud of One2OneDigital are relevant and filled with enough humor to make the post a must-read. Dive in here

    What HGTV Taught Me About Blog Posts

    It's an ironic truth that the creative process isn't usually very linear, but your company's prospects are likely to go running in the opposite direction if your blog content isn't presented in a linear fashion. Rob Skidmore of Lyrical Copy speaks straight to the creative blogger's heart by comparing the process of writing well for readers to Home & Garden television, of all things. Discover how writing content that resembles a disjointed home tour won't win you any fans or leads, and how you can write straight from the soul while still producing a shiny finished product. Full story here

    Did you publish or discover any outstanding content on inbound marketing strategy in the previous week? Share in the comments, and we'll pass the spotlight in next week's post!

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