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    Hashtags, Hashbrowns, SMART Goals and Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    It's been a pretty big week for marketing. Twitter and Instagram officially divorced. Marketing bloggers everywhere are speculating about the state of SEO, social media and inbound marketing strategy in 2013. Some genius person finally wrote a piece of content comparing hashtags to hashbrowns - and yes, I'm pretty jealous I didn't think of it first. This week's home runs is all about setting and achieving goals, while still having a little fun:

    Twitter Hashtag 101: Twitter Hashtag, Hash Brown, Same Thing Right?

    How can you possibly go wrong with a piece of content that compares hashtags to everyone’s favorite, fried form of breakfast potatoes? They’ve actually got more in common than you think. Overusing hashtags on Twitter will lead to attrition and looking like an amateur, while eating too many hashbrowns will probably make you feel pretty awful. Overuse over the long term will lead to poor Twitter engagement and weight gain, respectively. You can’t eat a Facebook like and you can’t eat a hashtag, but Marketing Nut Pam’s content is too delicious to miss. Click here for more.

    Fight the Good Fight Against Social Media Burnout

    Yet another reason that social media management is tougher than it sounds is the fact that there are some days when we wake up and just don’t feel like Tweeting. But in the words of Vocus’ Community Manager Laura Spaventa, deactivating your Facebook page on a whim - even temporarily - can be brand suicide. Drawing from her own personal experience with extreme overexposure to social media, Spaventa offers some interesting insight into what you can do to stop feeling so, well, anti-social. Are you stretched too thing and just not seeing returns from your presence on a network? Are you lacking goals or bored with your current platforms? As an added bonus, learn how Spaventa took a necessary step back while still managing to keep close tabs on Vocus competitors. Interested? Read here

    Setting SMART Goals for 2013

    Are your goals for the coming year SMART? Sarah Gilbert of Portland-based HubSpot partner delves into making your marketing plan more intelligent in the coming year. With awesome examples to back up each letter of the acronym, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely, many of us can benefit from setting a clear path towards reaching our goals. The content's not really about marketing, but rather about success- and that's something all of us can get behind. Get the full story here.

    The Difference Between TOFu, MOFu and BOFu Content

    Did you know that only 3% of first-time visitors to a company’s website are ready to make a purchase? You can engage them and maybe even score their email address for follow-up, but only if you learn the difference between content at each stage of the sales funnel. Kudos to the FiveFifty blog for delving into a basic, but comprehensive, analysis of how you can tailor your copy to your contacts, and how to start thinking about sales and marketing alignment. Full scoop here.

    Local SEO: The Art of Outsmarting Your Competition 

    If your business relies on local business for your bottom line, it’s logical that you want to ensure your traffic is coming from local sources. Not sure whether you should even make local SEO a priority? Content Marketing Manager John Bonini of Impact Branding and Design offers a super-simple checklist for evaluating whether your company should delve into geo-targeted content marketing, and some easy ways to get started. Learn more here.

    Did you write or discover any outstanding inbound marketing strategy content this week? Share in the comments, and we might pass the SEO juice in next weeks post!

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