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Infographic: The 10 Commandments of Pinterest Blog Promotion


Pinning for Profit

Since the news broke December 8, 2012 that the White House had started an official Twitter account (though they had to settle for the user handle WhiteHouse44), it seems there’s no better time to get started on the network than now. Pinterest users spend more money than users of any other major social media network, and the network has grown 145% since January 2012. Research also indicates that 81% of US consumers trust pins as a source for information. Who wouldn’t want to use it as a tool for blog promotion? 

Pinterest blog promotion

 infographic credit: socially sorted

Feeling inspired to get pinning? We've compiled 7 tips on how you can improve your traffic or ROI on the network:

1. Optimize for Business

If you were a member of Pinterest prior to mid-November, it’s time to convert your page to a business account. It’s easy - just head to http://business.pinterest.com/, add some contact information and accept the terms of services for corporate users. Corey Eridon has covered converting existing Pinterest pages to business accounts in-depth on the HubSpot blog. 

Why should you care? Well, it only takes about 90 seconds. Second, the social media network has recognized that the site is kind of a cash cow for retailers, and they’ve started releasing resources on original research to optimize your presence just for small business owners. Finally, realize that business accounts on Pinterest are in the beginning stages, and there’s sure to be a host of features coming in the next year. Can we expect better advertising, analytics or even a “buy now” button? All of those options seem like distinct possibilities!

2. Source Your Images

Ensure you’re not pinning images with a copyright! I’ll admit, I'm not qualified to give any small business owner or blogger advice on intellectual property laws. However, I get my images from a safe source like Free Digital Photos or Creative Commons Search and give credit where credit is due. 

3. Be Social 

Even though it may seem more like a really appealing collage, you can be a social pinner. Pinning the work of someone on the network? Let them know by using their handle like “@User” in the text description. Jeff Bullas recommends taking the time to say “Thank you” for every repin you receive.

4. Be Pinnable 

Have you ever seen a Pinterest user curate a board of stock photography? If you have, it was probably an elaborate joke or work samples. The point is, Pinterest is an inherently visual network, and even the most intelligent blog content will be overlooked if the images aren’t shareable. There are a few ways to make your visual content more appealing. Pin memes, or add personalized or descriptive tag lines to your images. Use infographics or video to increase your chances of being shared virally on the network. 

5. Don’t Forget to Pin!

You never want to be in a position where you fail to pin the world’s best infographic. Make sure you’ve added the “Pin It” button to the bookmarks bar of your favorite browser, so the social network will be just one click away, wherever you go. 

6. Curate Away

One easy way to enhance your company’s Pinterest boards to gain more attention and engagement is to curate other people’s visual content. After all, the network is centered around content curation. See an infographic or video your followers would love? Don’t hesitate to share.

7. Optimize for Search

Pinterest drives a whole bunch of search traffic. Make sure your content is optimized to be found by prospects by optimizing your profile and pins. Hashtags, links, board categories and buyer persona-optimized keywords will all increase the chances of being found.



Very good article, thanks Jasmine.
Posted @ Monday, December 24, 2012 7:24 PM by Marie Achille
Thanks a lot for putting the info in a beautiful way... will surely follow the same...
Posted @ Wednesday, January 09, 2013 10:52 PM by Khizar
Want to add more , of course social media is the key for ultimate blog promotion but not everything , There are other ways too like going behind the scenes i mean sharply monitoring the promotion strategy of successful bloggers like Ana Hoffman and Tyler Cruz. They even focus on their design too like adding their own image in logo, comment author and many more. And your tips completely adds value to my knowledge. Nice written article.
Posted @ Thursday, September 12, 2013 6:08 AM by rohan mos
Great suggestion, Rohan. Who do you model your social media strategy after?
Posted @ Thursday, September 12, 2013 10:32 AM by Jasmine Henry
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