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    11 Urgent Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    No Blog? That's a Problem.

    Your company still hasn't started blogging for business? That's too bad, because you're actually in the minority. As of August 2012, 60% of businesses had a blog on their company website. Companies that blog generate 55% more visitors and 97% more inbound links, enjoying a boost in revenue and rank on major search engines. If you're not convinced, we've compiled 11 more reasons to seriously consider getting started:

    1. Attract Readers

    Every business will lose customers and eventually die if they don’t have foot traffic, or more accurately, web visits from prospects. A well-written blog is engaging and informative and has the power to build an audience and keep them returning to the site. 

    2. Boost Your Inbound Links

    One of the biggest driving factors in your website’s SEO is the number of quality inbound links you generate from websites in your niche. There’s no better way to organically rise to the top of Google than posting high-quality content with fresh data, videos, or infographics. 

    3. Drive Up Your Social Shares

    Is anyone going to to Tweet a link to your home page? Will the bio of your company’s CFO be shared virally? Sorry, but it’s unlikely. Social shares count big in SEO--and yes, major search engines actually index every Facebook post, Tweet and Pinterest pin each day. Blog high-quality content with outstanding titles that are likely to inspire social shares.

    4. It Can Be Customer Service

    Can you ever have too many avenues for your clients to get in touch? The answer is no, just so long as you’ve got the staff to monitor all the channels. Your blog is another face of your brand that allows clients and prospects a chance to connect, learn more about your company, and ask questions.

    5. Build Super-Fans

    Every company who doesn’t already have super-fans should want them. These people are your biggest advocates, who go out of their way to sing your praises on social media and by word-of-mouth. Through interaction and comments, it’s another way to increase your chances of developing some serious promoters.

    6. Branding

    We’re aware that branding is often considered a nebulous and overused piece of marketing jargon. But what better way to let people know what you’re about than writing content in a voice and tone that matches your culture, values, and people?

    7. Feature Your Clients

    Many of your clients wouldn’t mind a little spotlight or an inbound link, especially if you’re in the B2B sector and can benefit their small business. Why not showcase their company or their customers' postive experiences with their product? 

    8. Learn About Your Buyer Personas

    Any exposure to your company’s buyer personas is a chance to learn a little more about them. What kinds of questions do they ask in the comments, and what does it reveal about their preferences, pain points, and level of savvy? Do they go wild over your content about chocolate or red velvet cupcakes? 

    9. Build Trust in Marketing 

    People don’t buy stuff from random strangers on the internet with a Paypal button. They buy from stores and companies they trust, and if they can’t, they go make the purchase on eBay. Traditional marketing thought dictates that consumers need 7 points of contact before they’re willing to make a purchase. Your blog can help you establish authority and make your brand likeable. 

    10. Social Content 

    When your prospects see your brand in their Twitter or Facebook feed, maybe it reminds them that they wanted to check out your sale. But they’re just too lazy to go all the way to Google and find your website. Writing fresh and valuable content gives you an excuse to post links to your website on social media constantly, all the while providing value to your followers. It’s a win-win. 

    11. Google Loves Fresh Content 

    In case you hadn’t noticed, Google is pretty smart. Their search spiders crawl the internet each day in search of fresh content, which is then indexed in search.  The more fresh content you deliver, the better your chances of ranking well in search and earning leads through your website.

    What Do You Feel Are the Biggest Benefits of Blogging?

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