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    Mobile Tech, SEO, Augmented Reality and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    It's no secret that 2012 has been a year of rapid changes for inbound marketing professionals. The Google search algorithm was updated an estimated 500-600 times, which caused the value of content marketing to soar. The number of consumers using their mobile devices to conduct product research also rose dramatically, creating a disadvantage for companies who failed to optimize their websites or email marketing for mobile users (and increasing the value of innovative mobile marketing). Each one of our home runs showcased this week offer pragmatic advice on how we can adapt and improve in the current marketing climate. Settle down and grab that second cup of coffee -you're going to need it!

    What's Really Included in an SEO's Job

    It's no secret that the world of search has undergone a rapid revolution in 2012.  Rand Fishkin states in this week's installment of White Board Friday's that today's great optimizers are really contextual experts who understand how a product fits into the market, and the goals of the marketing department overall:

    For the full video transcript, see here.

    Localizing Your Brand Development

    One of the questions we hear often from blog readers here at Inbound Marketing Agents is for tips on localizing a social media strategy. How do I connect with people with digital influence in my zip code, and focus my content marketing on topics people in my area care about? Kudos to Impact Branding and Design's Brittany Balog for taking a stab at how businesses can build a geo-targeted inbound marketing strategy from the ground up. Here's what she recommends: 

    • Define your brand by focusing on who needs to know the company, why your prospects need your product or service solution and where your brand fits in. 

    • Determine how your brand fits into the community and keep current on local news, trends and cultural issues. 

    • Make your brand relatable, positive and visible in your local community. 

    For more insight - and details on how a locally-based business tapped their market in Connecticut - dive in here! 

    3 Mobile Marketing Technologies to Watch in 2013

    Mobile, mobile and mobile. According to Eoin Keenan of Silicon Cloud, those are the three biggest marketing trends to keep an eye on in the coming year. An incredible 10.3% of all web traffic in 2012 took place on a mobile device, a number that's projected to grow dramatically in coming years. According to Keenan, mobile is nothing new, but the fact it's no longer optional is becoming more apparent. Here are the three trends he predicts will soar:

    • Augmented Reality - Imagine walking into a brick-and-mortar store and using your mobile device's camera to see discounts exclusive to mobile client√®le.

    • Payments - Near Field Communications (NFC), the science of sending payment data from a mobile device to a reader is becoming a standard. Marketers have opportunity to create exclusive discounts via NFC.

    • Location Services - geo-targeted data is a trove of intelligence for marketers. The savviest mobile marketers are learning to exchange deals and discounts for check-ins.

    The content is up-to-date, brilliant and written in language even the most technology-shy among us can dig. Get the whole scoop here

    Get Sales Leads by Mixing Other People's Advice

    You know the drill of really cost-effective marketing that drives revenue: write fantastic content, distribute on social media and enjoy watching the leads pour in. All fine until you're struggling to fill out a content calendar. Professional content creator Lawrence Anderson tackles the very-real issue this week of keeping up with your blog posting schedule when your ability to generate ideas is at an all-time low. It's not about publishing unique ideas every day, but identifying which ideas are relevant to your product or service, and giving credit where credit is due. For a pro blogger's take on continuing to publish when you're feeling less than inspired, click here

    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/stockimages

    Did you publish or discover any exceptional inbound marketing strategy content this week? Share in the comments, and we may feature it in next week's post!

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