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    Tumblr for Small Business: Where Pinterest Meets Content Marketing

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Getting Started on Tumblr

    Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging platform that laid it's roots in 2007. The network currently houses over 77 million blogs and receives over 25 million unique visitors every month. What makes Tumblr a more flexible choice for business blogging is that it allows you to break out and indulge in the more creative side of marketing your company and interacting with your clients and customers. Tumblr can provide a great avenue for building your business’s brand, an aspect of marketing that is becoming more vital to being visible and personable to customers.

    In our era where social media is king, it's essential to define your small business brand, and ensure it's relevant to your buyer personas. Using Tumblr effectively is most likely easier than you think, and it can be a wagon of creative fun. We’ve listed some key factors in creating a presence on Tumblr that will help you build a brand and cult-following of your very own: 

    Create a Great Name

    Creating a name for your Tumblr is step one on your road to small business brand success. If you thought writing powerful business blog titles was tough, this can be even worse. While the name of your blog is only a few small words, they'll be the first impression of your entire company to prospective followers and clients. Could you name the blog after your company? Sure, but some of the brands who are really excelling on Tumblr have picked a name that suggests a behind-the-scenes look: Oscar De LaRenta goes by "Oscar PR Girl," or you can take a peek Inside the Nashville Symphony.

    Do research to see what Tumblr names are overused or tired in their contexts; look for inspiration in blogs similar to the one you aspire to create. What do you want to communicate to your company? Will the language appeal to your buyer personas? It's hard to stand out among 77 million blogs - Cclichés, and otherwise unremarkable blather can result in your Tumblr being quickly swallowed up and swirled down into the belly of internet abyss.

    Make Your Business Tumblr Worth Following

    This one is as near to a no-brainer as we can get. Creating an intriguing and visibly appealing blog is factor number one in reaping all of the brand benefits that Tumblr has to offer. Tumblr offers more ways to be intimate with your followers than most social networking sites, creating smorgasboard of possibilities for building a recognizeable and tangible brand. Keep up with internet trends, find out what your users like, and determine what kinds of humor go over well.

    Remember to keep your language fresh and casual, something that will entice your followers to see your business as relatable. And don’t forget, Tumblr’s great strength is it's avenues for creativity, and that creativity is going to be the lifeblood of your brand’s persona.  Be creative. Tumblr is the grave where stuffy business writing techniques of yester year go to rest in peace.

    Be Social 

    Tumblr offers a fantastic social networking platform, in addition to its blogging platform, so not only can you get your content out among millions of users, but you have access to viewing just as much content, a tool that will keep you in the cultural know and aware of what things are trending and what things are falling off.

    One way to keep your business’s brand in constant visibility among its blog’s followers is to be active in reading, commenting on and expressing interest in the things your followers post. By placing your business’s interactive persona among both its customers and interested by standers, you’re pulling the human aspect of your company to the forefront and garnering visibility and relatability for your brand.  

    Find Your Tumblr Niche

    Figure out what you want your brand’s persona to communicate and most especially, who you want it to communicate to. Finding your brand’s niche and creating a particular culture is the way to begin a trek towards success in your Tumblr universe. One way to troubleshoot your brand’s blog culture is to look at brand blogs on Tumblr that have incredibly successful.

    Fashion houses, in particular, have found staggering successes in their Tumblr blogs, mainly for the strength of their niches and their influence in getting other fashion houses to join the movement. Following blogs with a cultural flavor similar to your own will result in that blog’s viewers spilling over to you and vice versa, a nice version of the Tumblr train which can lead to multiplying the amount of views your blogs and followers your blog receives. Utilizing Tumblr’s tagging device smartly can also get your blog to its zenith in terms of who sees what you post and expanding your reach. 

    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/KROMKRATHOG

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