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    Pinterest Branding, Twitter for CEO's and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    Productivity is no buzzword. It’s a learned technique that’s never going anywhere, and the sharpest marketers (and employees and bosses) are the ones who are constantly adapting to the latest technology to be better and more efficient at their jobs. This week's Home Runs are all about teaching you to make the best use of current tools. Our top choices including topics that range from Pinterest as a viable platform for engagement to finally getting around to mobile-optimizing your website so your competitors can stop stealing your sales. Don't get too comfortable, because this week’s post is about to kick your weekend into high gear:

    Why Selling to Schools With Inbound Marketing Works

    “Everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold to.”  This truth is more potent than ever in our current era, where consumers ignore telemarketers and turn to blogs to find their next product or service solution. Trying too hard will make your brand appear predatory and desperate, which is why inbound marketing isn’t just effective, it’s a less-creepy alternative to disruption marketing. Patrick Hopkins of Greenroom Media delves into just why inbound techniques can make your brand appear more trusted, and how you can even take the philosophy off line. While the content is focused on education, it has power for every industry. Dive in here.

    Mobile Website Design: Are You Driving Traffic to Your Competitors?

    Your business needs to go mobile. Are you unconvinced? Are you convinced but not clear on just why? We’ve got to hand props to Media Junction for delivering 14 of the latest and most shocking statistics on why mobile-optimization matters, and just how much. Did you know 67% of people are more likely to buy from a mobile-optimized site? Or that 61% are likely to leave if the site isn’t loading correctly on their mobile device? Stop driving traffic to your competitors and learn the latest research here.

    Google Docs + Dropbox = Google Drive

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost productivity emailing by losing track of which word document contained the latest eBook draft. I’m guilty, and I have a feeling most of us content creators have struggled with document management. Organization isn’t always a strong point of creatives, which is why we’re huge fans of Google Drive. Documents are searchable, shareable and you’ll never lose time trying to figure out which document titled “eBook 1” actually had your teams’ most-recent edits. Anum Hussain of HubSpot hit a homerun several weeks ago on her personal blog by giving a brief overview of how you can integrate the system for maximum searchability - and that includes text on images. Stellar. Get the whole story here.

    3 Tips for Building Your Brand With Pinterest

    Pinterest is now worth more than $1.5 billion dollars. It’s more than just pretty boards of high heels. It’s becoming a major widget for consumers to discover their next purchase. The BuzzShift blog hit a home run this week with their content on how to build your company’s presence on the social media network, with plenty of helpful examples of brands who are successfully gaining attention and brand advocates. From photo-sharing contests to creating boards to showcase comments from your company’s cheerleaders, this is hands-down the most helpful Pinterest content I’ve encountered in some time. Read this week’s most the Pinteresting content here.

    15 Things Every CEO, CMO, CTO & CIO Must Do Before Hopping on Twitter

    Not a C-Level executive? That’s fine. Pam delivers 15 tips that are relevant to anyone who’s getting started on Twitter for business or building their personal brand. From advice on how to balance your use of technology with building engagement to developing a content plan, even Twitter power-users can learn something from this self-described “Marketing Nut.” Get the whole scoop here.

    Did you read or publish any outstanding Marketing Content this week? Share in the comments, and we may pass some link love in next weeks’ post!

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