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    Video Branding, B2B Behavior and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    Visual content reigned supreme in the world of inbound marketing this week. Even Forbes delved into the importance of using images and video in social media this week with an intelligent analysis, How the Smartest Companies Leverage Visual Social Media. 44% of their respondents are more likely to engage with brands on Facebook if their posts are visually-oriented - and the stats are even higher among smart phone users.

    Even though we didn't set out with the goal of compiling content on video and smart design principals, the best marketing content we encountered this week dares to discuss just how important these factors are. From using video as a branding tool to achieving "feng shui" in the design of your landing pages, settle in for a week of marketing content in review:

    Video Production & Branding Are Birds of a Feather

    If your brand was a person, how would they dress? Would they speak quickly or use a lot of long words? As the demand for visual content continues to soar, many brands are wisely shifting resources to video content. One of our favorite pieces of inbound marketing strategy content this week was delivered by the My Web Presenters blog, who delved into a discussion of why video is just visual branding. Learn from several great examples of major brands, including Baby Bjorn, Old Spice and Chipotle, who have leveraged the right kinds of video to extend their company's reach. Should you invest in colorful animation or serious delivery? Start viewing here

    B2B buyer behaviour is shifting - how B2B Marketers must adapt

    Social media and the rising prevalence of search over the past few years have changed the behavior of B2B Buyers. Adapt, or your competitors will eat you alive. If that's not a convincing call-to-action, I'm not sure what is. The G2M Solutions blog hit a home run this week with a thorough analysis of how the B2B buying cycle differs from the B2C and how your company can stand out from the crowd. You'll be pleased to learn that inbound marketing is particularly effective - over 85% of B2B buyers are taking the initiative to find their suppliers rather than the other way around. Get the whole scoop here.

    The Design Principles: A Study in Creative Execution

    Psychology and human behavior have some pretty powerful and fascinating implications for inbound marketers. We have to give props to Kristen Solotto of the Element 3 blog for her content this week on the building blocks of creative design. How do color and contrast affect your click-through-rates and lead generation? Why are symmetry and perspective essential for a piece of design that's aesthetically pleasing enough to boost your website's appeal? Both designers and left-brainers will enjoy this content; delve in here

    4 Elements Every Landing Page Needs

    Are your landing pages presenting a clear value proposition to your readers? Have you achieved the perfect visual feng shui? Houston-based Adhere Creative presents a true home run on the basic concepts of great landing pages, from design to capturing your website visitors' interests. Learn how to create landing pages that convert, measure your results and continually improve. Dive in here.

    Email Marketing: perfect - and not so perfect- timing

    Your email marketing will have a bigger and more powerful impact if you get the timing right. Is Saturday morning the right time, or does Tuesday evening work a little better? The Content Squad has compiled and translated some of the most up-to-date data on email open rates, click-throughs and engagement. Did you know Marketing Profs research has found that between 8am and 12pm is likely optimal, and that Friday is the worst day to send out lead-nurturing efforts? Learn more here! 

    Did you publish or discover any home runs this week? Share in the comment, and we may promote your content in next week's round-up post!

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