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    Oversharing, Stinky Landing Pages and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    With less than a month before the 2012 Presidential election, social media has been gaining a lot less headlines and news coverage. Compared to the recent past, this week was actually pretty quiet in terms of social media news: no one hit a billion followers or decided to start deleting fake profiles. Does that mean the inbound marketing blog community went silent? Hardly. Once again, we've compiled some stellar favorites that will be sure to amuse, thrill and inspire you. Pour that second cup of coffee and join us for a review of our favorite pieces of the past week:

    How To Retain Your Customers Using Social Media

    Is customer retention one of the goals of your company's social media strategy? Well, it should be: research has indicated that 80% of your sales and profit are going to come from 20% of your client base. Identifying these personas and working to retain them through every means possible is among the wisest things you can do with your inbound marketing strategy. Blogger Megan McMahon shares how to use social media to listen, create relationships and stay right in the front of their brain this week on the Likeable Media blog. This social media and customer retention read is a new member of our RSS feed, but it's well worth the subscription. Start working on retention here.

    10 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

    Please avoid "vague-booking", photos of your credit card number or anything that happened in Vegas. Virtually all of these tips are just pure common sense, but we all have at least one Facebook fan who consistently fails to heed this advice. That's why this content is among the funniest reads I encountered this week. Will Entrepreneur and "Powerpoint Performance Artist" Kevin Magee's power up your lead generation? Unlikely, but it's the weekend and you've earned a laugh. Get the whole scoop here.

    How CPA and Consulting Firms Can Develop Stellar Content for Marketing

    I can just imagine your eyes glazing over already after reading that title. Think you've earned a free pass on skipping over this home run because your brand has nothing to do with financial services? That's fine, but you'll be missing out on some of the smartest inbound marketing content we encountered this week. The list of comprehensive content marketing tips compiled by Anna Gossin of Vitberg LLC are relevant to your brand, no matter your specialty. Sure, you've got the tone of your blog right, but are you gearing the information towards the right stage of your sales funnel? You've abandoned the sales pitch, but are you effectively differentiating your company from competitors? Dive in here.

    Infographic: 3 Types of Content for Great Engagement

    Top of the funnel. Bottom of the funnel. Calls-to-action. Where do each of the various types of content marketing fit into the sales funnel, and how to you optimize the formats you pick for great engagement? We've got to give major props to Emma Rudeck of UK-based StrangePR for laying forms of content marketing out in a clean, visually-appealing way:

    content marketing infographic via Strange PR

    Looking for a little more clarification? Head over to the StrangePR blog for some fabulous, in-depth analysis!

    10 Reasons Why Your Landing Pages Stink

    Every successful inbound marketing campaign needs an irresistible content offer tailored to your buyer personas, well-designed and visible buyer personas and landing pages that don't stink. How do you avoid the rock-bottom conversion rate that comes when you totally bomb out on building landing pages that convert? Well, for starters, avoid using a boring wall of text or long form to scare away your future clients. Did you know that even using a word like "register" or "subscribe" implies too much commitment and can scare away leads? Learn how to power up your lead generation with the help of Dan Baum of Impact Branding & Design. Start your engines here.

    Did you publish any fabulous content marketing this week? Let us know in the comments,    and we'll pass you some love in next week's post!

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