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    How Killer 'Thank You' Pages Increase Lead Generation

    Posted by Isaiah Adams

    'Thank You' Pages That Keep Coverting

    After a visitor comes to your landing page and fills out the form to receive your offer, they will see your thank you page. This is your opportunity to provide your new lead with a quick “thank you” for filling out the form and continue the conversation. Successful thank you pages include more than just a link to the offer. Why should you care whether the overall affect is awesome or just so-so? According to the Kissmetrics blog, the 'thank you' page has a lot more potential than you think. Here's what it can do:

    • Increase Your Sales - Inviting your new leads to share the content offer on social media could be key to earning the attention of their friends and family!

    • Build Brand Awareness - Did your prospects know you have an active blog or presence on Pinterest? Be sure and include links to places where they can maintain the connection!

    Don't waste this opportunity to deepen your relationship with the new lead by saying something like "Thanks for downloading! Stay tuned for an email from us!" You can do so much more. We've compiled a few ideas to take your thank you's from mediocre to fabulous!

    Link to the Offer

    Landing pages are essentially where a value exchange happens between your brand and your prospect. The web site visitor agrees to give you their information if you promise to give them the TOFU offer described on the landing page. Once the visitor fills out the form and virtually fulfills their end of the bargain, it’s time for you to uphold your end of the bargain. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to put a link to the download you promised, as this will result in some very unhappy leads.

    Another good practice is to put the title of the offer in the title of your thank you page. Make it clear and easy to understand what they are receiving and where to receive it.


    You always want to be continuing your conversation with your leads. One way to do this is by including calls-to-actions inside of your thank you page. Simple calls-to-action such as links to subscribe to your blog, follow you on Twitter, connect with you on Facebook, and follow you on Linkedin are easy ways to continue the conversation with the lead. Remember that relevance is key, so be sure if you're inviting them to take advantage of other content offers that they're related to the first download.

    Social Sharing

    Adding social sharing links to your thank you page gives the new lead a chance to share their new piece of valuable content with their network of friends online. Social sharing buttons are important to have on your blog and landing pages, but they might be even more important to have on your thank you page. There's a good chance that prospects could be inclined to share your content, because they were interested enough to download it in the first place!

    Follow-Up Email

    At this point you’ve given them a link to the offer, invited them to connect with you on Social Media, and provided easy links for them to share your landing page with their friends. What happens if they were in a hurry and bypassed all of your invitations to extend the conversation in the thank you page? Is the conversation over? Absolutely not.

    Use the information you received from the lead as a way to reach out and send them a quick thank you email. Not only does this email give them another chance to share you content and connect with you online, but it extends the conversation. Kissmetrics Research shows that 96% of first time website visitors just aren’t ready to make a purchase. Don’t make the mistake of ending the conversation if they don’t become customers after the first visit.

    Always make sure to leverage the power of thank you pages on all of your landing pages. From social sharing buttons to calls-to-action, an efficient thank you page gives the lead an impression of gratitude and extends the conversation.

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