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    Henry VIII Uses Facebook and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    If we had to pick an inbound marketing term of the week, it would be content marketing without a doubt. Following yet another tweak to the Google's Panda update that will affect around 0.3% of all websites, it's becoming increasingly clear to marketing professionals that you can't game Google anymore.

    Positioning your website to rank well in search engines is no longer about finding that magical keyword density, but rather putting enough preparation towards your work that you can generate social media shares. With this concept in mind, we've compiled some marketing content that runs the gamut from hilarious to shocking. Let's get started by spending a few minutes watching King Henry VIII use inbound marketing strategy and conclude by vowing to never newsjack the wrong topic again:

    Ruling Online: Henry VIII Maximizes His Inbound Marketing Potential

    Great content marketing doesn't always have to be to-the-point or even particularly educational. Humor or just being outright strange are effective tools for building brand personality. Seth Godin has argued that normal has been replaced by many smaller niches, and mass-marketing is increasingly less effective. For a fabulous example of someone taking a stand and doing something completely creative, British inbound marketing agency TomorrowPeople nailed it in their mockumentary of a day in the life of King Henry VIII's MacBook.  Check out how Renaissance royals use Facebook here!

    7 Inspiring Examples of Real-Time Marketing in Action

    Many leading marketing minds have cautioned against the overuse of content calendars and never taking the time to write work that's perfectly tailored to the here-and-now. David Meerman Scott has written extensively on the topic, urging content marketers to remember their blogs are essentially a real-time communication tool. Here at Inbound Marketing Agents, we're huge fans of real-life examples, especially if they include smaller enterprises who don't have an unlimited marketing budget. Hubspot hit it out of the park this week with a guest post from Rebecca Lieb, a digital analyst with Altimeter Group. While some of the examples are big brands like Pepsi and Pizza Hut, a Chicago cab driver also made the list! Get the scoop here.

    15 Awesomely-Ridiculous Social Media Statistics

    Did you know the two biggest user groups on Google+ are college students and software developers? Or that the most active user group on Facebook is ages 25-34? Impact Branding and Design wasn't exaggerating about the quality of the statistics in this piece of blog content, many of which are so fresh they're still shocking! Start discovering the latest social media news here.

    What SmartPhone Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today

    Mobile's huge, and to say it's growing quickly is an understatement. Too many small and medium-sized brands haven't gotten around to optimizing their websites for smartphones and tablets, which can hurt their company's ability to engage with connected customers: 52% of mobile users say a bad mobile experience can damage their impression of the brand. Connection Model has analyzed the latest study from Marketing Land and woven some fascinating insights into content that you can apply to your company's website today. Start optimizing here.

    Newsjacking Vs. New-Jacking: Be First With Content and Dominate Your Niche

    It's no secret that Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion is one of our favorite bloggers here at IMA. Week in and week out, his content includes some of the most-original thought on inbound marketing strategy and trends. He's never afraid to say what we're all thinking, which just happens to be that we're pretty sick of content about Big Bird. It's not a political statement, it's a statement about the fact that newsjacking ceases to be interesting when  thousands of pieces of content have already been generated about the topic. The same thing happened during the London Olympics: unless it was live sports coverage, we tended to just tune it out. Newsjacking can still be a powerful tool as long as you're the first in your niche, which Sheridan outlines here.

    Did you discover or publish any outstanding marketing content this past week? Share in the comments and we may include you in next week's post!

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