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    Confusing Facebook Commercials and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    Social media took center stage in the world of traditional media this week. Between Facebook's wise decision to go after spammers and fakes and the fact the network hit a staggering 1 billion active users, even newspapers have had social on their mind. Our favorite marketing blogs haven't been idle, and our RSS feeds were filled with some exceptional content.

    It's been a few weeks since we've compiled a weekly round-up post of our favorite content on social media and inbound marketing strategy, and truth is, we've missed it! We'll be back to bringing you our favorites today and on Sundays in the future! Sit down and join us for the ride. This week's home runs are funnier, nerdier and more educational than ever:

    The Facebook Commercial is All Kinds of Wrong

    Facebook was the social media PR star of the week - it's clear they weren't suffering for attention on marketing blogs and in traditional media! Most of us were pretty glad about the steps they've taken to eliminate fake accounts, but the commercial has resulted in an admittedly more mixed response. Over some pretty moody background music, an anonymous voice compares Facebook to a chair. What? Mashable Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff convincingly argues that Facebook created one of the worst metaphors and commercials of all time. According to polls on Mashable, most of the rest of us aren't quite sure what to think. Read Ulanoff and catch the video here, and let us know how you feel about the commercial!

    A Crystal Clear Explanation of How Social Media Influences SEO

    It's increasingly clear that through each tweak of the Google search algorithm, quality content will prevail. As long as you're getting the context right, distributing on the right social media channels, networking with other bloggers and putting in the work to write content that's worthy of social shares and inbound links, your search engine rankings should blow up. But how do social media shares affect search engine rankings, anyway? We've got to hand it to Meghan Keaney Anderson of HubSpot for writing comprehensive content that we can all learn from. Get the whole scoop here.

    Google is on to your Inbound Marketing Tactics. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

    One of the trending topics this week in the world of marketing and search has been the idea that SEO is dead. A few dozen articles have been written in support of both sides. It's clear that the days of tricking Google are over, but how much do SEO tactics really matter? Our friend and one-time guest poster Mike Cerio of Magnetic Marcom wrote a pretty intelligent and typically humorous response to the conversation in which he argues for quality content. Stop writing for bots and start writing for people. While few people can try to predict just what the Google algorithm will look like in 2014, building buyer personas and working to produce marketing that appeals to your market is bigger, smarter and more relevant than any keyword density. Dive in here.

    216 Social Media and Internet Statistics

    Feeling a need for some inspiration for your next great piece of business blog content on the state of social media? Curious exactly what the latest trends are in the world of Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube? We've got to hand some serious props to Cara Pring of The Social Skinny for her comprehensive, well-researched and mind-blowing content on the latest developments and changes. The scope of the content is much bigger than all the biggest social media networks - it also includes some insight into Instagram, mobile usage and multi-screen usage. The content is a few weeks old, but it's still racking up social shares. If you haven't taken the time to read yet, we highly recommend you check it out here

    7 Reasons Why Blogging is Failing to Generate Leads For So Many Marketing Agencies

    If there was an award for the funniest marketing blogger, I'd doubtlessly nominate Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion. His content never fails to make me laugh, and one of his latest articles is both educational and hilarious. Sheridan delves beyond the typical mistakes, like failing to include statistics or not producing content with enough depth or voice. Maybe you're not including enough case studies, or a variety of voices on your business blog? Maybe your problem is more in line with "awful networking" practices? See if you're guilty of any of the cardinal sins of creating content for profit here.  

    Did you write, publish or encounter any exceptional content on social media or inbound marketing strategy this week? Share in the comments and we'll feature you in next week's round-up!

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