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    Inbound Culture, Nailing Taglines and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    It's been a great week at Inbound Marketing Agents thanks to Hubspot's Inbound 12 conference in Boston that our entire team attended, so we're giving a slightly different theme to our home runs post this week. Each of the pieces of content we're sharing isn't just outstanding, it was written by someone we met, connected with or listened to last week.

    From nailing your business tagline to getting started with the Google+ hangouts feature, we've included something for everyone among our team's favorite content of the week. Best of all, that's not the only reason our home runs are even better than ever: we've included 7 favorites instead of 5 this time around and we'll be continuing to serve up more grand slams from here on out.

    10 Tips for Using Google Plus Hangouts

    For a quick, comprehensive guide on using the video chat function of Google+, ad agency consultant Michael Gass hit a home run on his blog Fuel Lines. His ideas for using hangouts for business are innovative and actionable, including a fast way to run a focus group or record client testimonials for your website. Best of all, Gass includes a detailed tutorial on how to get started with Hangouts. Google+ isn't always the most user-friendly of the major social media networks, and Gass hits a home run by writing a reader-friendly guide on the multi-user video chatting function. The content is hanging out here.

    The "Culture" of Inbound with Marcus Sheridan at Inbound 12

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could stop writing so much blog content but keep posting daily or three times a week? Turns out, getting your entire team to contribute info to the company blog might just require losing the geek speak. The Kuno creative blog curated a list of tips from Marcus Sheridan's talk on getting every member of your team to start blogging often. Hint: let them know that all it takes is 20 minutes and a blank word document. Let your CEO, Sales and Customer service representatives write the "meat" of your blog content and l have your content manager add the "potatoes", which in this case means links, data and formatting. Stop blogging harder and start blogging smarter here.

    New Blog Platform + New Uses for Social Media Photo Sharing

    We're pretty stoked about the Twitter founders' all-new social media network, Medium, a community based around up-voting, sharing and curating quality content. Turns out, Gary Vaynerchuk is, too. The Connection Model blog delivers some high-quality, curated content that includes a video of Gary Vee's take on Medium, as well as question-and-answers on just how the new social media network is going to impact the way we share and connect. Dive in here.

    The Most Boring Content of All Time

    Hands-down, the funniest member of our home runs this week was delivered from Toronto thanks to the In2 Communications blog. From being passionless to using jargon and skipping over pictures altogether, In2 has compiled a list of ways to make sure that no one has the attention span to make it through your blog posts. It's hilarious, but the information is good reminders for all of us. Get the whole scoop here.

    Twitter Usage Remains Steady and 'Typical' Day Use Continues to Grow

    Ever wonder what the typical Twitter user looks like? Their demographics and how they use the platform throughout their day? The Smart Bug Media blog compiles some awesome, fresh data from Pew Research into a post on how Twitter is used by Americans. Turns out, the population isn't rising as fast as some other social media networks, but it's becoming a big part of life for members of the network. Dig in here!

    10 Companies That Totally Nailed Their Taglines

    Chances are, if you can think of a company tagline off hand, it means they totally nailed it. Nike (just do it!) and McDonalds (I'm Lovin' it) are two awesome examples of brands who convey their "you" statement effectively in no more than a few words. Writing a company tagline is tough, and it requires a long, hard look into the value of your company's product or services and your buyer personas. Hubspot intern Anum Hussein compiles a list of brands who've written exceptional taglines. While few of the brands listed as examples will come as a surprise, it's a great guide for getting started. Learn how to nail your own statement here.

    The Real Time Business Mindset

    Keynote speaker and marketing strategist David Meerman Scott is an outspoken proponent of the need for real-time content: fresh, relevant posts on social media and your blog that are tuned into major current events. Meerman Scott serves up a home run on his blog that delves into how a real-time mindset can actually benefit your whole business, not just the searchability and relevance of your marketing content. The article is brainy, fresh and and perfectly targeted towards forward-thinking leaders. Get real here.

    Did you read or publish any home runs this week? Let us know in the comments, and we'll pass you some link love in next week's post!

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