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    HubSpot Announces Revolutionary Upgrades at Inbound Conference

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    HubSpot 3 Sets the Stage for Marketers to Dominate Inbound Marketing

    HubSpot 3 Features


    It's hard to top the excitement of a live performance by Cyndi Lauper, but somehow they managed. This morning in Boston, Inbound Marketing Software company HubSpot announced a totally new feature set that will revolutionize the way companies and online marketing agencies are able to form real connections with their contacts, customers and communities. No one can explain the amazing new capabilities and workflow management better than Hubspot themselves, so we recommend you click over for more details. We can say this: it's going to be big. So big, that Co-Founder and Hubspot CTO Dharmesh Shah referred to the launch as one of three "magical moments" in his life, ranking it right up there with the birth of his son.

    HubSpot 3 

    Shah and his Co-Founder, Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan announced these much-anticipated news features of HubSpot 3 in the opening Keynote at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston at Inbound 12 this morning to a packed house of 2,800+ Hubspot partner agencies and marketing professionals. People went nuts. The reaction wasn't just good or great, it was overwhelmingly positive.

    These upgraded features have been anticipated by insiders, but the Big Reveal blew the doors off the expectations of even the most experienced Hubspot partner agencies. We knew the next update was going to be smart and dynamic, but we didn't know it was going to be just as sharp as each of the small businesses who use Hubspot to build connections with their clients. Hubspot 3 isn't a uniform update, it's a lot of little changes built to enhance the experience for any small business.

    If you are a current HubSpot customer you will notice how the new "Smart" technology will increase conversion rates for CTA's, Emails, and Landing Pages just to name a few.  If you are NOT a HubSpot customer, then today is the day you MUST ask for a FREE DEMO and get on board or your competition will leave you behind.

    Another really cool feature that was releases is the ability to take your metrics and leads with you on the road. Thats right!  HubSpot has released an app as well that will you to stay on top of your leads, traffic, sources, and for your sales team to have access and nurture your leads while on the go.

    In our world of content abundance, quality and relevant matter more than ever. You can't underestimate how little your future clients care about irrelevant content. One of our favorite features of Hubspot 3 will be the fact that Hubspot will be taking a note from something that works for Amazon.Com - personalized recommendations. Hubspot customers will have access to personalized recommendations in real-time. Not having to dig for the information and intelligence you need is going to enhance the hubspot customer experience in amazing ways.

    As a marketer and a HubSpot Partner Agency we are stoked to see these upgrades. We'll be taking advantage of every available Hubspot resource over the next two days we're here in Boston to really implement the new system. The new version is being rolled out incrementally, and should be here soon. Our current clients will have the advantage of Hubspot 3 as soon as the features are available. We have tested some features in BETA, and we are sure you will be as stoked as we are.

    Check out the links above to see the full feature set or the short video below with Mike Volpe, HubSpot CMO, for more information.

    Oh and in case we didn't mention it, this is AWESOME!

    Image Credit: www.hubspot.com


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