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    Inbound 12, Pinterest Contests and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Run Marketing Content of the Week

    It's been a busy week at Inbound Marketing Agents. Between welcoming a new special agent to our team of marketing geeks and perfecting a presentation for Hubspot's Inbound 12 conference, we've been on the go constantly. In case you're wondering, we haven't neglected keeping up on our RSS feeds! It's been another week of outstanding content in the world of social media, business blogging and marketing. Once again, it was a struggle to pick just five articles that really hit a home run, but we've curated the best. Settle down with that second cup of coffee and enjoy the ride:

    Tattoo thinking

    115 words. That's all it took for marketing guru and general braniac Seth Godin to hit a home run this week on his blog. Seth argues that too often, we let ourselves be limited by "tattoo thinking" a fear of permanently branding our careers, landing pages or business blog with something less than perfection. What if realizing that pricing moves and content strategies can always be changed was all it took to really be exceptional and bold? Godin wrote exactly what I needed to hear this week. For more details, get the scoop here

    Who's Presenting at Inbound 12

    Have we mentioned we're ridiculously excited for Inbound 12?  Impact Branding and Design wins this week for curating an extensive list of speakers on the itinerary for the World's biggest and best marketing conference September 27-30 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The scheduled speakers will bring some pretty serious expertise, and we're anticipating a truly awesome experience. For the full list, click here

    9 Businesses Using Pinterest Contests to Drive Traffic and Exposure

    We're all getting used to Pinterest for content curation and product promotion, but using the network for contests is a brand-new phenomenon. The Social Media Examiner hit a real home run with their article on just why companies should look towards contests as a way to connect with fans, and why Pinterest is actually the perfect platform. If you're still trying to wrap your head around Pinterest as a major tool for brand awareness, don't worry. Author Prafull Sharma breaks it down into really actionable steps that will leave any small business leaping into action. Start your engines here! 

    Why Blogging is Even More Critical in the Age of Social

    Tumblr, Pinterest and soon Medium will dramatically change the way content is shared and stored. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing argues passionately that business blogs are here to stay, and we're convinced he's right. With a list of reasons that include building your email list, cross-promoting social media profiles and having a free-format space to establish your small business brand continually, it doesn't look like business blogs will be going anywhere in the near future. If you're needing to put some power behind your content creation, Jantsch's article is the perfect inspiration. Dive in here.

    10 B2B Companies That Create Exceptional Content

    It's a poorly-kept secret among Inbound Marketers that some industries are just much harder to create awesome content for. It's easier to make really visually-appealing wedding cakes or high-fashion handbags go viral on Pinterest than write content that makes tractor parts or tax software seem irresistible. Hubspot's compiled a list of 10 B2B companies that really excel at creating interesting content, even on topics that aren't naturally appealing to everyone. Even more helpfully, the specific areas in which each company rocks are clearly pinpointed: router manufacturer Cisco creates exceptionally informative videos, while GE Aviations has 16K engaged followers on Twitter by creating a unique social media culture. Discover more here.

    Did you discover any exceptional content this week? Whether you were impressed by an infographic, video, blog content or social media campaign, we want to know! Share the wealth in the comments!

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