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    Expert Insight: An Interview With the Founders of Gentlemint

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Niche Content Sharing Rules

    Chances are, you've heard of Gentlemint, a content curation social media network built as “a mint of manly things.” Co-Founders and real-life co-workers Glen Stansberry and Brian McKinney famously built the network in 12 hours, and initially used the closed platform just for fun. When Stansberry and McKinney opened the network, they were quickly featured on Mashable and Time.com and received thousands of invite requests overnight.

    There are tens of thousands of people waiting for an invite to get started curating on Gentlemint any given time. Even though the network started out as a fun project between friends, it's filled a need for tens of thousands of Internet users and the network's popularity continues to soar. Stansberry sat down with us and answered some of our top questions:

    Why Did You Decide to Build Gentlemint?

    It was really built on a lark. We were working on a project for a long time that had zapped a lot of our creativity, so we decided to just build something fun and quick in a day. Or so the legend goes. You can read more about the event here.

    Has your site grown during it's time online?

    Oh yes. We have a fantastic thriving community that surprises us on a daily basis. They go out and post incredible, interesting links without any prompting from us. It's really quite amazing.

    Has public response been typically positive?

    Yeah, 99% positive. There have been a few [people] along the line that have been critical, but I think these are also the same people who can find fault with anything. (This is something that everyone who creates anything on the Internet learns sooner or later: You're never going to make everyone happy.)

    I recently read that 57% of Pinterest users interact with food-related content. What types of content spread through the Gentlemint Community?

    Hrmm... good question. It's really quite diverse in terms of the types of content that's posted. There are quite a few cars, food items/recipes (barbecue), cigars, alcohol, DIY projects, sports articles, and some technology articles as well. As I'm answering this, though, I'm reminded of how diverse the links are that are shared. It's never boring, that's for sure!

    Have you had to heavily censor user content?

    Surprisingly no. In fact, we hardly ever have to have to remove flagrant content, and everyone on the site keeps a lookout for unsavory stuff and reports it when it pops up. But we hardly ever have to moderate stuff. Yet another reason why we love the Gentlemint community.

    Do you think niche content sharing communities will continue to grow?

    I do think so. As the Web continues to grow in diversity, there's less of a place for one-stop networks (see: Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and more of a market for niche networks. Just my opinion though.

    Stansberry has described the flood of invite requests from the moment Gentlemint opened their doors as “best problem in the world to have.” I know I had to wait around a full month for my invitation! Once I gained access, I was thoroughly impressed. During my time on Gentlemint I've never seen anything objectifying towards women (in fact, that kind of content is actively banned).

    Top pins right now include a vintage photo of a fighter plane, a bacon-wrapped turkey leg and a really comfortable-looking hammock. Unlike social media networks built in direct response to female-dominated Pinterest, Gentlemint doesn't want to exclude anyone. Women are welcome on the network, and are even some of the best contributors. I'd recommend Gentlemint for anyone interested in curating awesome content.

    Image Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net/chainat

    It's Your Turn! Are You a Member of the Gentlemint Community?

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