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    Video Marketing, Social Media Branding and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Home Runs of the Week

    It's been a fascinating week in the world of social media and inbound marketing. We're swimming in the final data from the London 2012 Olympics, and the Twitter founders have announced they're hard at work on an all-new social media network. Our favorite content this week included a lot of visual topics: mind-blowing infographics and some expert advice on a low-budget video strategy that won't faceplant. From humor to original data, our home runs this week are more awesome than ever.

    5 Ways to Create an Awesome Video Strategy

    Did you know that over 37 billion video clips were viewed online in the month of April 2012? If that's not enough to convince you to get started with video content, we don't know what is! Marketing author Scott Steinberg's article in the Huffington Post is the perfect guide to small businesses hoping to get started with video content on a small budget. Steinberg's advice - from focusing on content instead of special effects to avoiding a shotgun distribution strategy - is extremely actionable. If you're looking for some advice on filming content, jump into action here.

    14 Funny Brands You Can't Help But Follow in Social Media

    Humor can be a powerful component of any marketing strategy, but hitting the right notes is tricky. The Hubspot blog compiles a list of 14 brands who rock at distributing humorous content in social media, without delving into the offensive or the unfunny. Some of the brands are well-renowned for their use of humor, like Taco Bell and Old Spice. A few others, like Pop Chips and Gymlt, are less well-known. No matter your market or industry, incorporating a few laughs is almost always a smart approach. Get the full list here.

    Whoa, Meta: Infographic Shows How Infographics Are Shared on Social Media

    If you needed any more evidence that we're living in the era of visual content, check out this infographic created by BitRebels regarding the social media sharing patterns of 500 pieces of text content and 500 infographics. People LOVE infographics. Retweets of infographics outpaced written content by a stunning 832%. The consensus? "Pick a good one and your infographic can achieve a reach of up to 15 million people, if not more within the social networking world." See the infographic below, or get the full scoop here.

    social media sharing infographic via bitrebels

    Infographic: Staggering Social Media Statistics from the Olympics

    We'd be lying if we said we weren't missing the Olympics coverage a lot. The social media Olympics took discussions of Twitter mainstream, and the first week of the games was defined by social media disaster. The data that's emerged in the wake of the games is fascinating. Did you know that Internet users globally published 306 billion pieces of content globally during the 17 days of the London 2012 Olympics? Over 2 million pieces of Olympics content were shared during the 9.63 seconds it took Usain Bolt to win the 100 meter sprint. Jeff Bullas compiles some of the most awe-inspiring data regarding the recent Social Media Olympics. This infographic is among the most stunning pieces of content we encountered over the week. Dig in here!

    How to Tell if Your Content Sucks

    We were hooked on this Inc. article from the moment we read the title. Professional content creator Minda Zetlin discusses quality content in the wake of the Twitter founders' fascinating announcement. Evan William and Biz Stone are in the process of creating a new social network, Medium, dedicated to quality content-sharing only. Stone presents a list of questions that can act as a quick check of whether your content sucks. Learn more here.

    Image Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net/digidreamgrafix

    Did You Come Across Any Home Runs This Week? Share in the Comments, and We'll Pass Some Link Love in Next Week's Post!

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