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    You Can't Ignore These 5 Reasons to Start Email Marketing

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Guest Post: Email Marketing Rocks

    A platform capable of delivering significant impact upon investment, email marketing is a vital tool for the 21st century business. Some of the world's biggest companies have invested heavily in email campaigns to distribute their promotions, catalog's and digital leaflets, but email advertising reaps the largest return for small and medium-sized businesses. Those with few resources or lacking financial power can see a healthy return on investment, which is why many are turning their heads to the digital form of direct marketing.

    To give you an indication of how email campaigns compare with offline forms of advertising, here are a few advantages to consider:

    1. Low cost

    Identify a few examples of where you've spent money trying to get a brand message across. You might have experimented with newspaper adverts, billboards and outdoor events. All three campaigns would cost a significant amount of money to launch, as you may have discovered. Sending a message through email marketing software on the other hand could cost you as little as £0.05 per send (editor note: that's around $0.07 US), with every message delivered directly to the customer.   

    2. Measure

    You can also measure the success of every message you deploy. You can assess how many were delivered, how many of those were read and even how many were acted upon. This is one of the many significant boasts that an email marketing company can offer through their services, unlike print and TV advertising agencies. 

    3. Target

    Any customer that chooses to join your mailing list is clearly interested in what you, as a brand, have to offer. They should be given the choice of selecting specific products and services that they would like to hear about, meaning you can cater for the individuals that make your business.

    Email marketing enables you to send these groups of contacts highly targeted content based on their interests and preferences. You're cutting out elements of your service that may not interest them and, instead, telling them what they want to hear. Don't forget, retention is much cheaper than acquisition; you should be taking care of your customers.  

    4. Mobile

    Thanks to the growth of affordable mobile technology, most of your market is likely to own a tablet or smart phone. They're also more than likely to have an email account linked up to their chosen device, providing you with a constant connection. While print adverts fade into the background of a scenic setting, a report or notification of an email received will light up their screen. If they like it, they might even forward it to their own address book. This is modern day word-of-mouth in full effect.           

    5. Eco-Friendly

    If you've got goals or aims for recycling, they're likely to take a hit after you've dished 500 flyers around your local area. Email marketing on the other hand boosts your green credentials without any elements of your reach being compromised. Software is more environmentally friendly than print; it's that simple.

    I hope these five reasons have given you some food for thought. Email marketing is still a very highly effective way of marketing - even after the advent of glorious social media marketing.

    Is your company using email to connect with leads and customers?

    Please join us in welcoming guest poster Stuart Wooster, a Social Media Specialist who has an interest in all aspects of digital marketing and the use of WordPress. When not sat at the desk you will find him walking his deerhound on the south coast of England, mountain biking or listening to trance music.

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