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    20 Tweetable Inbound Marketing Stats From the Experts!

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Tweet these Inbound Marketing Stats

    While there is no secret formula for generating retweets, cited facts and figures are likely to be the closest you can come to a guarantee. Social media scientist Dan Zarrella discovered that the majority of re-tweeted content includes a link, new concepts and tend to avoid being self-referential. If you're looking to get noticed on Twitter, fresh statistics could be your best bet. It never hurts to have a few extra facts and figures in your back pocket for the next time someone asks you why they should choose inbound marketing. Here are the top 20 Tweetable Inbound Marketing Statistics:

    Social Media

    1. 95% of US Online Consumers Had a Facebook Profile. Source: Marketforce, May 2012.

    2. 91% of Online Adults Use Social Media on a Regular Basis. Source: Experian, April 2012.

    3. 40% of People Who Use Social Media on a Regular Basis Feel More Comfortable Interacting Online than Offline. Source: Performics, July 2012.

    4. 20% of Facebook Users Have Made a Purchase Based on Facebook Ads or Comments on a Brand Page. Source: IPSOS, June 2012

    5. 38% of People Have Recommended a Brand They Follow on a Social Media Network. Source: Ipsos, June 2012.

    Mobile Marketing

    6. 11% of US Adults Own a Tablet, and 34% Intend to Purchase. Source: Forrester Research, August 2012.

    7. 19% of Facebook's 534 Million Members Globally Accessed the Network only Through a Mobile Device in June 2012. Source: Facebook, July 2012.

    8. Mobile Commerce Will Account for 24.4% of All eCommerce by the End of 2017. Source: ABI Research, July 2012.

    The Global Mobile Advertising Market Was Worth 5.3 Billion in 2011. Source: IAB, June 2012

    Marketing Automation

    9. Direct Mail Response Rates Have Dropped 25% Over the Past Nine Years. Source: Direct Marketing Association, June 2012.

    10. For the First Time Ever, More than Half of Americans 65% or Older Use Email. Source: Pew Research, June 2012.


    11. 79% of Global Fortune 100 Companies have a Branded YouTube Account, up from 39% in 2011. Source: Burson-Marsteller, July 2012.

    12. YouTube Visitors View 16 Billion Videos Each Month. Source: Nielson, June 2012.

    13. 75% of Online Video Viewers Have Interacted with an Ad in the Past Month. Source: Tremor Video, May 2012.


    By 2016, More Than Half of The Dollars Spent on US Retail Will Be Influenced by the Web. Source: Forrester Research, June 2012

    76% of People Worldwide Perform Search in Two or More Languages. Source: Greenlight, May 2012.


    14. 60% of Millennials Upload Videos, Pictures and Blog Posts, Compared to 29% of Non-Millennials. Source: The Boston Consulting Group, April 2012

    15. About 1 in 3 Bloggers Are Moms and 52% of Bloggers Have Children Under 18 in their Household. Source: Nielson, May 2012.

    16. 28% of Affluent US Consumers Discuss Luxury Purchases on Blogs. Source: Empathitica, February 2012.

    17. 69% of American Moms Use Blogs as a Tool for Brand Engagement. Source: Fleishman Hillard, December 2011.


    18. Consumers Who Grew Up With Mobile Technology Use Media to Regulate Their Mood. Source: Time, April 2012

    19. 53% of Millennials Interact With Brands on Social Media, Compared to 37% of Non-Millennials. Source: Boston Consulting Group, April 2012

    20. There are 79 Million Millennials in the US, and Only 76 Million Baby Boomers. Source: Boston Consulting Group, April 2012

    Everyone needs fresh and reliable inbound marketing statistics, from content creators to anyone hoping to establish thought leadership on social media. From increasing your Klout score to expanding your network, there is just no way to lose tweeting these stats.

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