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    Social Media Strategy: 10 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Reach

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Offbeat Ways to Increase Twitter Reach

    I used to walk by a florist shop with a sign in the window offering a free rose to people who checked-in on Foursquare or Facebook. Even though I never took them up on the offer, I was impressed by their ingenuity. Increasing Twitter reach requires a little more creativity than just promoting blog content and responding to engagement. Sometimes, to increase your Twitter reach you need to venture off the network and think outside the box. Here are some of the best ways I've seen to promote your social media presence:

    1. Guest Posts

    While guest post guidelines can vary widely between websites, many blog managers are happy to link your social media profiles in the author bio. Pitching and publishing guest posts is winning idea, especially if you're just starting to get your blog off the ground. Publishing intriguing content will provide an SEO-boost to your own website, and readers will likely click over to your Twitter profile if they've enjoyed your writing.

    2. Curate

    It's really hard to say much in 140 characters, which is why links rule on Twitter. Feel free to use social media for content curation to increase Twitter reach. If you find a great article in your RSS feeds, leave a quick comment on the blog letting the author know you found the content valuable enough to share with your own Twitter followers. They could be inspired to reciprocate the gesture or retweet you.

    3. Establish Thought Leadership

    Establish yourself as an expert off the network to increase Twitter reach. Showcase your expertise by starting a Quora account and becoming an active member of the questions-and-answers network. Quora has also been adopted by journalists for connecting with experts, and being quoted in an industry-relevant publication will increase Twitter reach.

    4. Publish Responses

    If you come across a link that leaves you feeling really steamed, write a response on the business blog. Newsjacking and issuing responses to controversial content gone viral aren't just good for your business blog, they can increase Twitter reach. Many major news sites like Inc and Mashable offer commenter's the opportunity to sign in with Twitter, providing an automatic link to increase Twitter reach. Leave a comment with a link to your response and  to increase social media and content visibility. While it can be hard to engage with the author of content gone viral, especially if you're not among the first to see the content, try and engage with a healthy, polite debate via Twitter.

    5. Write an eBook

    Delivering high-value, original content is among the best ways to establish thought leadership and increase Twitter reach. Write an informational eBook and promote links via social media. Be sure and include a "contact us" page in the eBook for readers who accessed the information via your website to increase Twitter reach.

    6. Cross-Promote

    Do each of your social media profiles include working links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other active networks? Cross-promoting your Twitter presence on Facebook and LinkedIn can provide an easy method for your fans to stay connected.

    7. Provide Incentive

    Offer and advertise rewards to guests for sharing your business in their network. Whether you decide to emulate the florist and offer some free product or a small discount, develop incentive to get your fans re-tweeting and sharing content. It works: 79% of US consumers liked a brand on Facebook in order to receive discounts or deals.

    8. Invite Your Email List

    If you're just getting started on social media or looking to give your presence a healthy boost, let your email contacts know how they can reach you. Send a social media email with links to your active profiles. If you're looking to provide some incentive for social media engagement, emailing your contacts the new policy can increase Twitter reach.

    9. Upload Your Email Contacts

    Sometimes, in order to gain followers you need to reach out first. Upload your professional Gmail contacts to start following your connections. Making the effort to reach out and follow first will increase Twitter reach.

    10. Move into Print

    There is no law that prohibits you from including social media profiles in print. Depending on your industry and company policies, add your Twitter handle to your business card. Some inventive companies have even started listing links to social media among contact information on company letterhead.

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    What Are Some Offbeat Ways You Increase Twitter Reach?

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