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    Special Agent Spotlight: Jasmine Henry - Content Creator

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Introducing Jasmine

    Please join us in welcoming Jasmine Henry, a recent addition to the Inbound Marketing Agents team. Jasmine joined our team of special agents in late June and has written an estimated 250,000 words since that date. In her role as Content Creator, Jasmine researches, writes and edits eBooks, whitepapers and blog content for IMA and clients. Her passions include social media trends, awesome infographics and well-written business blogs.

    Jasmine originally comes from the rainy, green corner of Northwest Washington immortalized by rocker Kurt Cobain and the Twilight Novels. She spent her college years at Willamette University in Central Oregon, where she competed for the women's crew team under the tutelage of Susan Parkman, an assistant coach at the 2004 Athens Olympics. She blames her penchant for hard work and aversion to early mornings on her rowing background. At Willamette, Jasmine studied Russian language and Environmental Science and spent a semester immersed at Taurida International University in Simferopol, Crimea.

    Prior to joining the IMA team, Jasmine balanced a career of freelance writing and technical writing. She spent several years with Oregon Department of Forestry, writing about timber harvest and land use change for citizens, policy makers and lobbyists. Jasmine also spent time at a large, private security firm in the Portland area, where she wrote hundreds of technical reports for some big-name clients. Her background in data analysis serves as a benefit: she's able to find the interesting aspects of any industry and make factual content sparkle. In her freelance work, Jasmine ghost-wrote dozens of business blogs, eBooks and whitepapers. While she takes the non-disclosure agreements she signed for former clients pretty seriously and won't drop any names, if you have a wi-fi connection, you've probably come across her writing at one point or another.

    Jasmine's credits her hardest job to date as building a first-year, high school girl's lacrosse team in 2010 for South Salem High School. Over 90% of her first-year team of 24 athletes had no prior experience in the sport. While she can't claim a perfect season, she's proud to report the team grew, learned and even delivered a 19-to-zero shut-out to a much more experienced team.

    Even though she writes thousands of words each week, Jasmine's real passion lies in learning. If she hadn't gone into Inbound Marketing, she'd probably be working towards a PhD as an excuse to read and write all day, everyday.The ever-changing realm of inbound marketing is a perfect fit for her natural nerdiness, because she's more than a little obsessed with Inc., Mashable, Slate and her RSS feeds. If our special inbound marketing agents were action stars, Jasmine would be Doctor Who. She's the best kind of nerd to have behind the scenes, and we're thrilled she's among our agents. 

    Connect with Jasmine: @jasminehenry10

     Image Credit: Jasmine Henry

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