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    5 Awesome Ideas to Easily Create Video Content

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Easy Video Content Tips

    So you're looking to get started with video content. You don't have a full-time videographer, professional-grade lighting or the budget to hire a filmmaker. Are you stuck with infographic and text content? Nope. Video content generates 3 times the inbound links as text. 700 Youtube videos are shared every second on Twitter. Video content and infographics can go viral through social media shares, and are an easy way to deliver some variety in your content calendar. Video content can be easy, and here are some ways to approach easy video content:

    1. Film an Interview

    Sitting down to talk with an expert doesn't require a studio and a makeup artist. You don't even have to show your face or be in the same room with the other person. Virtual meeting software GoToMeeting records video transcripts on request, which can be easily edited in even the simplest video editing softwares. Best practices for an interview require sending questions to the subject around 24 hours in advance. If you're looking to bring other voices onto your blog, pitching video interviews to experts can be a real option for easy video content. The time commitment required of guest experts is typically lower than if you asked them to write a guest post.

    2. Film an Employee

    Easy video content is often the perfect time to showcase your employees and what they do best. Impact Branding and Design filmed a short video of their Content Manager, John Bonomi, discussing the contents of an eBook which was embedded in complimentary text. If you're rolling out a new product or service, sitting down for a moment in the office to film an employee talking about isn't only a way to honor your employees' efforts, it's a smart step towards easy video content.

    3. Film a Tutorial

    Sometimes tutorials are much more easily translated into written than video content. Food blogger Shauna Ahern of the Gluten Free Girl includes video tutorials alternately with written recipes on her site. The tutorials are typically simple, but critical cooking skills like chopping an onion. When it comes to tutorials for certain skills, easy video content is often a faster and more viewer-friendly option. If your tutorial can't be broken down into a series of simple steps or makes for some pretty boring copy, consider easy video content as a solution.

    4. Create a Teaser

    Creating hype around new products and offers is an exceptional way to draw attention to your brand. Film a short teaser that gives viewers a glimpse into a soon-to-be-released product. Teasers are the perfect time for humor and showing the fun side of your small business brand. When it comes to teasers as a form of easy video content, use many of the principals applied to great landing pages. Keep it short and focus on relaying the value.

    5. Express Gratitude

    Has your company had an exceptional year? Was community support of your annual non-profit efforts outstanding? Filming a short clip just to say thanks is a great way to show appreciation on your company blog and social media. Using basic video-editing software, you can create a montage of photographs or slides to music. Saying thank you can make for fast and easy video content.

    Using videos as blog content doesn't have to require a certified casting director or thousands of dollars worth of equipment. You can produce and distribute easy video content using basic software and equipment. Start small by producing high-value content like tutorials or showcasing your employees. In a world where visual content counts, using video content as part of your social media strategy isn't optional.


    Image Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net/stockimages

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