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    Flickr Visibility, YouTube SEO & Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Home Runs of the Week

    Even though the buzz about the social media scandals that defined the 2012 Olympic games has died down, it hasn't been a quiet week for the realm of inbound marketing blogs. Great content marketers have no problem finding topics for actionable and interesting articles, as we discovered in our RSS feeds this week. From new ways to use spicy data to increasing the SEO potential of your video content, this was a week of some exceptional content. It was tough picking just five blogs to share, but here are the home runs of the week:

    13 Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Content With Data

    The Hubspot blog delivers an in-depth review of ways that you can use data in your blog content. Most business bloggers are already well-versed in the basics, like using numbers to add emphasis and back up controversial statements. 13 Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Content delves into some intermediate and advanced methods of data usage. Numbers can be used to show discrepencies between perception and reality or influence behavior through a phenomenon known as social proof. If you're wild about numbers, head to Hubspot.

    How to Upload a Transcription File for YouTube SEO

    Using YouTube to market video content can help your company go viral. We're big fans of radio personality Rick Eberhart's blog Create Better Content, and he shared a tutorial on upping your content's SEO potential by creating and uploading a transcription file. It's a fact that YouTube provides transcription services, but they just don't work that well. YouTube transcription often results in gibberish, which doesn't help your searchability one bit. Eberhart not only defies the myth that video killed the radio star, he hits a home run. Start transcribing here.

    How to Work Harder & Not Burn Out

    Inc.com hit a home run by delivering content that is perfectly relevant to everyone. We all want to be a little more productive without putting in more hours. Author Mara McCarthy argues that the secret to being productive is actually increasing ownership in your work. When work and play are blended, you feel a greater connection and decrease your chances of burning out. It's a fact that blending play at work can increase productivity, too - designated social media breaks work! Learn tips for managers and employees here.

    5 Tips to Increase Your Visibility on Flickr

    Flickr isn't for everyone, but niche social media networks matter. If you're wondering if your business might fit with Flickr, this home run of the week will serve as definitive guide. Photographers and artists can achieve some inbound marketing mileage by employing Flickr to advertise, which is detailed in SEO professional Ann Smarty's guest post on the Jeff Bullas blog. From becoming an active member of Flickr groups to properly tagging your images, learn how to get started on Flickr. Enabling creative commons usage can also help your images get mileage on other blogs. Dig in here.

    7 Essential Stages of Building a Total Online Presence

    Great inbound marketing requires building an internet presence and maintaining a consistent approach. If you're just getting started with content or social media, check out Duct Tape Marketing's content on developing a comprehensive approach to your inbound strategy. Being able to draw clear connections between your business blog, marketing automation and social media is essential for small business branding. Author John Jantsch wins extra home run points for relaying his message in both infographic and written form. Learn how the pieces fit together here.

    Bonus: A Fast Runner + A Smart Marketing Shop = Social Media Gold

    It was impossible to pick just five pieces of exceptional content this week, but we couldn't exclude Rhudy & Co's content on how US Olympic Sprinter Nick Symmonds has used social media for personal branding. Symmonds famously auctioned off his left bicep on eBay for $11,000, committing to displaying the winning bid's Twitter handle as a temporary tattoo throughout the 2012 season. Some of Symmond's innovation is perfectly applicable to small businesses, like running Twitter contests. Get the scoop here.

    Did your blog write any home runs this week? Share in the comments and we'll pass some link love next week!

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