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    10 Common Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Small Business Social Media Mistakes

    social media mistakes90% of business executives in the United States describe social media as an important tool for brand awareness and company reputation. Unfortunately, mismanaging your social media can cause just as much damage as good to your company. Avoid the top small business social media mistakes to retain clients and generate real revenue from your company Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Learn the top 10 mistakes that even companies with the best intentions make:

    1. Not Having a Strategy

    When you start to promote your business on social media, you need to know what you're trying to accomplish, where and how often you'll be talking. Whether you're trying to reconnect with clients, expand your leads base, manage your brand or any combination of these factors, you need a clear social media strategy to get started. Starting to post without a road map is one of the worst small business social media mistakes.

    2. Ignoring Negative Comments

    Every time a client reaches out on social media, consider it the perfect time to display your customer service skills. Being too quick to hit delete is among the most devastating small business social media mistakes. Have a plan for dealing with negative feedback, offer resolution to clients seeking a solution and don't feed the trolls.

    3. Not Asking Questions

    In order to build relationships with followers on social media and gain insight into your client base, you should learn the right questions to ask and how. Not actively striving for engagement can be a devastating small business social media mistake that leads to a quiet Facebook page. You want to learn more about what sets your company apart and how to serve your customers, so don't be afraid to start dialogue by asking questions.

    4. Not Tweeting Around the Clock

    Hubspot social media scientist Dan Zarrella has found that businesses with the highest number of Twitter followers that count tweet about 22 times per day on average. You shouldn't overload your followers' feeds by Tweeting constantly for several hours. Spread our your Tweets by scheduling on a free platform like HootSuite.

    5. Not Promoting Blog Content

    Use social media to promote your company website and draw former clients back to the website by promoting your blog content. If someone is following you on Facebook or Twitter, they're almost certainly interested in your brand. Sharing links and short descriptions of blog content can deliver information that matters to your followers and increase your blog content. One of the top small business social media mistakes is failing to use blog content as a source for posts or being inconsistent about website promotion.

    6. Using Too Many Platforms Poorly

    Social media experts recommend that you pick 2-3 platforms to dominate, not 5 or 6 to use poorly. Trying to maintain a presence on too many social media networks is among the top small business social media mistakes. While some companies with highly visual products can thrive on Tumblr and specialists can flex their tech muscles on quora, most companies are best off sticking to the social media kings: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or YouTube.

    7. Not Being Loud

    Every social media requires some mild adjustments to get noticed. On Twitter, taking the time to employ hashtags can improve the searchability of your Tweets. Finding a really great image or infographic can help the life of your content on a Facebook or Pinterest feed. Using social media without best practices is the equivalent of whispering in a loud room, and among the top small business social media mistakes.

    8. Not Following Others

    On Twitter and Pinterest, you can't always trust that your future clients will find you. In order to amass a healthy following, you may need to take the right steps. Find awesome people to follow by checking out your competitors' twitter lists, searching hashtags or looking at who is repinning relevant content on Pinterest. Not taking initiative to build a network is a top small business social media mistakes.

    9. Focusing on Vanity Metrics

    Paying too much attention to your number of followers is a top social media mistake, because total followers is a vanity metric. Look at the numbers that actually matter. What is your engagement rate, defined as the percentage of fans who are talking? How often is your content shared or retweeted? Avoid the small business social media mistake of not paying attention to whether your content resonates with fans.

    10. Ignoring Branding

    One of the best arguments I've recently heard in favor of working towards an authentic brand is that the practice allows you to be natural in every interaction. If your company is trying to promote a brand that just doesn't match your employees or values, it is significantly more difficult to let your brand shine in every interaction. Your social media page is the perfect place for really letting your values shine. From optimizing every available field of the profile to curating content that naturally fits, either ignoring your company brand or trying to promote an unnatural image is among the top small business social media mistakes.

    What are Some Small Business Social Media Mistakes You See Too Often?

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