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    6 Web Design Tips Every Small Business Needs

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Effective Business Website Design Tips

    44% of consumers start product research on a major search engine like Google or Bing. Having a company website is critical to being noticed by nearly half of your future clients. Building a website that will impress is a challenge, and the best formats and styles can range by industry. There are some rules that can benefit every small business, like including calls-to-action and easy navigation. Here are the top 6 effective business website design tips that are perfectly applicable to any company:

    White Space

    Even if your website features a colored background, a top mistake of many small businesses is trying to fit too much visual or written content onto a single webpage. White space can't be neglected, because it draws the eye towards the content that matters. The more important an image or piece of text is to your overall message, the more space you should give it. Reducing text size and increasing surround white space is one a far more effective business website design tip than just increasing font.

    Content Presentation

    First-time visitors to a website often want to quickly understand what you can offer. Too much text formatted like a novel can cause readers to hit the back function. When it comes to website content, presentations is just as essential as proofreading for effective business website design tips. Breaking up blocks of text is critical, so use lists, bullet points, sub headers and a variety of font sizes as much as possible. Using content presentation as a tool to enhance readability is among top effective business website design tips.

    Call-to-Action Buttons

    Website visitors likely won't work too hard to figure out how they can give you their business, and they shouldn't have to. Include visible call-to-action buttons on your web pages so visitors can take the next step and convert to leads. Include a contact form on the side of the page or as a navigation option to allow web visitors to start a dialogue. Clear call-to-actions are a necessary component of effective business website design tips.


    While the best website design can vary widely between industries, every business needs to employ contrast as a part of their overall web design. Designing a background and text in only slightly different shades isn't edgy, it's annoying and unreadable. Your website is the perfect place to visually relay your company's values and services and many effective business web design tips vary between companies. One design aspect that no company should ignore is making sure that the text has enough contrast to read well and easily.


    Your website visitors are smart, and they usually have a good idea of what they're looking for. Long tail phrases, defined as at least 3 words, comprise 70% of search. Your readers don't just want sandals, they want men's aqua sandals and they want to find results quickly. Provide your website visitors with a visible navigation bar where they can learn more about your company and people, values, ask questions through a contact form or start shopping. Any easily navigable website is among effective business web design tips that no company can afford to ignore.

    Extras Aren't Optional

    Including “extras” like a business blog, landing pages, social media buttons and an RSS feed isn't just an option for companies with a full-time web designer anymore. Few companies can afford the loss of leads and business associated with a basic website that just describes the company. Remember that 70% of qualified leads aren't ready to buy the first time they stumble on your website from Google. Installing effective landing pages and offering an opportunity to connect via a RSS feed aren't optional effective business website design tips.

    What Do You Think Are Some of the Best Effective Business Website Design Tips?

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