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    6 Essential Tips for Exceptional Small Business Logo Design

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    You Get One Chance for a Great Logo

    Small business logo design is essential, because few organizations get the chance for a complete overhaul of their image. While the updates of the Starbucks logo over the years have indicated that logo updates are possible, small changes are almost always the best to avoid backlash or confusion. Dramatic departures from your small business logo design can damage your efforts to establish brand awareness. When it comes to small business logo design, finding a unique image you can live with is critical. Here are some top things to keep in mind when approaching small business logo design:

    Think Big Picture

    Your small business logo design has been described as a visual elevator pitch of your company's products and services. The trick is to quickly communicate what you have to offer, your values and what sets you apart from competitors in seconds. Employ the power of color to communicate what you have to offer to clients, whether it's healthier living or innovation. When writing an elevator pitch, you don't have time to describe each of your organization's offerings and guarantees, so you pick the very best. Think of your logo as a way to flaunt your company's best characteristics and products.

    Get Input

    Sometimes the things you find appealing might not have the same affect on your market. If you're trying to decide between a series of small business logo design ideas that could represent your company, create a quick Facebook album and let your friends and family vote on logo finalists. The more diverse opinions you can get on ideas, the better chances you have of choosing something with mass appeal.

    Consider Crowdsourcing

    For companies short on cash who are willing to put some time towards the design process, crowdsourcing can be a real option. Sites like Crowdspring and 99Designs promise you'll receive at least 100 submission for consideration. If you're struggling to come up with ideas and cash for logo design, crowdsourcing can be a real option. Be sure to post a clear design brief and reasonable price to gain the attention of the best graphic designers on small crowdsourcing networks.

    Don't Scrimp

    There are software programs available that can allow small business owners to design an image for as little as $30. You can tighten your marketing budget by employing social media instead of direct mail, but you shouldn't design a logo without the help of a design professional. Your logo will be the face of your brand for years to to come. While you don't need to pay thousands or bring a graphic designer on staff, you should invest in design that won't embarrass if your organization goes global.

    Think Micro

    Designing a logo with enough complexity to be a memorable image is important, but you should think small. If you'll be shrinking the logo down to thumbnail size, the design should be simple enough to give a crisp impression at any size. The trick to have a logo that works equally well as a t-shirt or thumbnail is to employ vector graphics. Using geometric primitives such as lines, points, curves and shapes preserves an images' integrity and resolution when enlarged or shrunk. While it can be tempting to employ 3-D images or a detailed image for your small business logo design, keep in mind that the logo could one day adorn a lot more than the company website. Using vector graphics offers the best resolution for small business logo design.

    Protect Your Brand

    It's essential to protect your small business logo design, motto and slogan from infringement by registering for a trademark. Unique logos and tag lines matter in case you ever come up against infringement. You couldn't possibly argue to a judge that you own the phrase “We're the best.” Unique small business logo design could matter more than you think in the future.

    What Was Your Process for Your Small Business Logo Design?

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