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    Blog Social: Why Tumblr is the Next Big Social Network

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Use Tumblr for Brand Awareness

    Tumblr isn't just for teens. 90% of US Business Executives recognize social media as an important tool for reputation management and brand awareness, and adapting to new networks is essential. If your company is hoping to distribute visual content and connect with millennials, consider using Tumblr for brand awareness. Over half of all Tumblr users are under 25 years old. As the value of multimedia and visual content continues to soar, early adapters are recognizing the potential of Tumblr for brand awareness.

    What is Tumblr?

    For those unfamiliar with Tumblr, the network can be best described as a blend of Pinterest and Wordpress. Tumblr has a lot of characteristics in common with user-friendly blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger, but the ease of multimedia sharing is much better on Tumblr. Users can publish images, video or audio within seconds, and short pieces of text tend to work best. You can subscribe to other blogs on the platform, and share favorite content on their own blog with just a click. Another valuable asset of Tumblr is that users can directly submit questions to blogs, and the answers can be published with a single click. The ease with which visual or customer-centric content can be published or shared on Tumblr is probably the greatest asset. Here are some of the top reasons using Tumblr for brand awareness could be the next big thing in social media:

    You don't have to be tech-savvy. Nearly anyone can start a Tumblr account and start posting within 15 minutes.
    The network knows that mobile matters. Tumblr is optimized for iPhones, Androids and Blackberry.
    Multimedia and visual content are king. Images and video are often shared on the blogs of subscribers.

    Who is Using Tumblr?

    Millennials rule on Tumblr, and fans of visual content are contributing to the networks' growth. Every minute, 38,000 new blogs appear on the Tumblr network. Companies with visually-appealing products or video content have a built-in advantage. The Nashville Symphony was an early adopter of using Tumblr for brand awareness. Their "insider's" blog balances images from inside the musicians' pit or backstage with short, text interviews with various employees. Tumblr has become the favored platform for luxury fashion brands. Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch and Gucci have established strong followings on the network.

    Why Tumblr?

    The ease with which Tumblr posts can be shared makes achieving every marketers' dream of going viral a tangible possibility. Josh Harcus, the Director of Business Development at Say it Social, says that “brands can gain more of an online presence [since] it is a social network on which people do a lot of sharing,” He makes it clear that, since Tumblr gives users the opportunity to share hi-resolution photos, it can benefit businesses in certain industries more than it can benefit others. He says that “it has a little more creativity…I would say [it is most effective for] retail, where brands can use photos to build a lot of brand awareness.”
    Even if your company isn't in the high fashion industry, you can benefit from using Tumblr for brand awareness. Boring industries can distribute video or infographics detailing their products. Another advantage of the platform is that Tumblr users can control the coding markup of their blogs, which means that if they are a little tech savvy, they can quickly create unique blogs to further using Tumblr for brand awareness. In addition, Tumblr gives its users the freedom to select their own domain names and easily share each and every one of their blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.

    While posting business blog content on a subdomain of your company website is the best choice for the SEO help your business needs, using Tumblr for brand awareness can be a powerful tool. If you're looking to ride the wave of visual content, go viral or connect with a young audience, using Tumblr for brand awareness could be the right move.


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