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    Choosing the Right Colors for Your Small Business Brand

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Color is a Powerful Branding Tool

    Color is a potent branding tool and yet small businesses don’t always realize how choosing the right colors for your small business brand can affect your ability to attract and retain clients. Managers and owners have even been known to disregard the color selection decision and leave it up to the graphic designer of the business logo. Don't ignore the power of color in a crunch to get your logo design and website up and running. Choosing the right colors for your small business brand is a strategic business decision.

    Selecting the right colors for your small business brand is a significant decision because color is the first sensory touch point your brand has with potential customers. Leslie Harrington, the executive director of The Color Association, says that “the first point of interaction is shaped by color, and color is the most memorable sense…Before anything else, you see color.” According to several case studies, a consumer's decision to purchase a given product is up to 80% influenced by color.

    To choose the right colors for your small business brand, you first need to ask yourself what you need your colors to communicate. Prior to selecting colors and designing a logo, comes the determination of what brand identity you need to communicate to you customers. Once you have figured out what you need your colors to convey, choosing the right colors for your small business brand will be a lot easier.

    The color blue, for instance, would be appropriate if you wanted your brand to communicate authority, reliability and competence. IBM, one of the oldest tech companies around, is synonymous with the color blue. Designed in 1972, IBM’s logo makes a statement about the company; it suggests to the consumer that when they purchase an IBM product, they are engaging in a relationship with a reliable, competent and knowledgeable company.

    Green, in contrast, suggests vitality and healing. Consumers are inspired to think of nature and spring. There is a reason that Garnier Fructis’s hair care products are, for the most part, packaged in bright green bottles. Garnier Fructis wanted to communicate to potential consumers that their products are healthy and could revitalize their hair. For consumers, colors communicate all kinds of meanings. Few consumers or even business owners realize just how much choosing the right colors for your small business brand will communicate to future clients.

    The most important thing you need to be aware of is the feeling you want to provoke in consumers. Identify the colors that are most closely identified with your company's mission. If your products are organic or earth-friendly, natural hues are likely to be a wise choice. For forward-thinking or creative organizations, citrus shades could mean choosing the right colors for your small business brand. There are additional ways that you can ensure you select a color or combination of colors that will intrigue consumers.

    1. Restrict yourself to two main colors at most. Keeping it simple in terms of color scheme is best to create a memorable brand and to control the emotions you provoke in consumers.

    2. Study a color wheel and use it to guide your choices. While single colors are connected with certain emotions and images, using striking combinations of colors can help you create an arresting logo. When using a color wheel, try to combine colors that are on opposite sides of the wheel or colors that are next to each other on the wheel. These combinations are the most eye-catching and attractive to consumers.

    While choosing the right colors for your small business brand may initially seem like either a challenging decision or an irrelevant one, it can have a significant impact on your business’s overall success.

    How did you go about choosing the right colors for your small business brand?


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