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    FAQ: Where Do I Find Inbound Marketing Statistics?

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Finding Inbound Marketing Statistics

    We love hearing from our readers here at Inbound Marketing Agents, and one of the best questions to cross my inbox recently was a call for recommendations for inbound marketing statistics. A reader asked if I knew of any references that could serve as a quick rundown on inbound marketing success rates. As a content creator who specializes in writing words about facts, I wasn't  floored for even a second. Why would someone specifically want inbound marketing statistics?

    1. They are already sold but their boss might not be. Watching your boss throw money into ineffective marketing techniques like direct mail can be painful. Really great inbound marketing statistics can provide the basis for an elevator speech or powerpoint presentation on exactly why inbound marketing rocks.

    2. They are a small business owner that wants to adopt branding on a tight budget. Most small or local businesses can't afford elaborate or ineffective marketing campaigns. Small business owners need statistics to  learn exactly what types of marketing work (hint: inbound) and how to get started.

    3.They are also a content creator. A huge part of my daily work involves searching for the perfect statistics to back up my controversial claims and add weight to my statements. Knowing where and how to find reliable numbers that pack a punch is an essential part of any content creator's toolbox.

    Everyone needs access to reliable and powerful statistics, whether they're trying to convince, be convinced or write some really great content. Facts are among the most re-tweeted content on Twitter. Even if you're just trying to increase your Klout score or impress a blind date, having a few inbound marketing statistics in your back pocket certainly won't hurt. Everyone needs facts to back up their claims. But where do you find them? Here are a few of our favorite, free resources for inbound marketing statistics:

    120 AWESOME Marketing Stats, Charts & Graphs

    The name of this free eBook by Hubspot doesn't overstate just how useful this resource is. The data is compiled from a wide array of sources, including original research by Hubspot, MarketingSherpa, eMarketer, Pew Research and other sources. If you're trying to write great content that will stand up to scrutiny, you need statistics that aren't overblown or full of holes. Trying to determine the reliability of data sources is time-consuming, and Hubspot delivers a plethora of inbound marketing statistics that are 100% reliable.

    42 Tweetable Facts to Squash Marketing Fantasies

    You can't believe everything you read on Twitter, but you can believe you'll see some retweets rolling in when you start tweeting facts from this fabulous piece of Hubspot blog content. These inbound marketing statistics are focused on proving just why inbound is an effective way of connecting with your leads and customers. From the percentage of internet users who read blogs daily to the rate at which your email database expires, this is one of the most Tweetable and actionable pieces of blog content I've ever come across.


    If you're looking for specific inbound marketing statistics to back up your claims, try performing a few searches on FactBrower. I recently discovered this "research discovery engine," which was specifically built to help content creators connect with the numbers they need. Each piece of data you pull up on FactBrowser includes a source or date, so you can quickly determine whether the inbound marketing statistics are fresh and trustworthy enough to use.

    Everyone needs inbound marketing statistics, and being prepared with a few pithy numbers can help you defend ideas to your boss, create really great content, make business decisions and just seem a lot smarter.

    Do You Have Any Burning Questions About Inbound Marketing? Share in the Comments, and We May Include Your Question in our FAQ Series!


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