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    Epic Inbound Marketing Blogs You May Have Missed

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Secret Best Inbound Marketing Blogs

    If you're using social media, SEO or content to promote your small business, you've probably discovered some of the best inbound marketing blogs. It's no coincidence that the Hubspot Blog, SEOMOZ and The Social Media Examiner have thousands of dedicated followers. These blogs rock, and they consistently deliver quality content on some of the topics that matter most. If you're looking to expand your daily reads, email subscriptions or RSS feeds, check out some of the best inbound marketing blogs you might not have ever heard of:

    The Sales Lion

    Marcus Sheridan writes one of the most creative, honest and actionable blogs we've ever come across. The main reason The Sales Lion is among the best inbound marketing blogs is because it's really written to help small business owners. Marcus Sheridan started out like many of the people he writes for, as the owner of a swimming pool business that grew explosively with the help of inbound marketing. The Sales Lion's motto is "if I teach it, I've lived it." Every one of Sheridan's philosophies and blog posts is perfectly actionable and geared to help your business thrive.

    Inbound Now

    David Wells is a Wordpress expert, and his blog content calendar includes something for everyone. Recent posts have ranged from beginner-level SEO tips to wordpress tricks that only an expert would know. One of our favorite aspects of the Inbound Now blog is that they actively welcome guest posts. If you're looking to start building inbound links to your company blog, pitch a guest post to Inbound Now. Wells writes one of the best inbound marketing blogs because it's so accessible and helpful.

    Web Ink Now

    David Meerman Scott's blog is actually enormously popular among marketing professionals. It can't go unmentioned while compiling a list of the best inbound marketing blogs because it's so incredibly smart. Scott writes really original content inspired by current events and trends that get even the most seasoned reader of the best inbound marketing blogs thinking. Recent posts have included Scott's thoughts on the Twitter political index, using your employees as a marketing asset and the returning value of employing offline communications. Web Ink Now is among the best inbound marketing blogs because every piece of published content is valuable and innovative.


    The nine10 company blog is aptly named Flaunt, and we've nominated it for the best inbound marketing blogs because it's always colorful and unique. Flaunt isn't always about SEO, social media or inbound marketing, but it's always forward-thinking and and perfectly applicable to good business. Recent content has included tricks for saving money on high-quality computer monitors and tips for killing a culture of negativity in your workplace. Flaunt is among the best inbound marketing blogs because each of the company's contributers writes content around stories in a strong, engaging voice.

    Ephricon's SEO Blog

    Ephricon has one of the best inbound marketing blogs you've never heard of because they place such a high priority on quality content. Each of their posts offers an in-depth view on a topic related to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, on-page SEO and content strategy. Their most recent explanation of each of the types of "unnatural links" that can be flagged by Google is an in-depth guide to any companies who may have unwittingly been playing with search engine fire by employing black hat SEO practices. Ephricon doesn't blog often, but when they do, their content is a sure candidate for the best inbound marketing blogs you've never heard of.

    It's Your Turn! What Do You Think Are Some of the Best Inbound Marketing Blogs?

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